Victoria B.

Chanhassen, MN

victoria b. fall 2021

Victoria’s Trainer


Mitra C.

Nutrition Coach | Pilates Instructor | Small Group Training Coach | Personal Trainer

Weight Management
Post Injury/Corrective Exercise
General Health and Wellness

Victoria’s Story

I have often done the Life Time 60day Challenge, but never really participated. I did my Pilates class, did some previously used exercise routines, tried to get enough sleep, and tried to cut down on burgers and snacks with the hopes of losing weight. I often felt tired and out of breath. I never really had much luck and was feeling like I’d never be able to reach any goals. When Mitra C. Asked me if I’d like to really participate in Time of Flex, I decided to bite the bullet and try again.

I have been working with Mitra and the first thing we did was set a goal of losing 10 pounds. I felt10 pounds was manageable, but Mitra thought I could do more.  She took before pictures and we started our journey.

We talked about my diet; how much I was eating, how often I ate meals, what they consisted of, including snacks and suggested taking pictures of my meals.  She also suggested I watch the coaching videos to get good eating ideas.

Mitra helped me set up the Life Time Training App and helped me navigate parts of the site. I found the exercise routines and started using them daily. I would tell Mitra if an exercise hurt or if I had trouble, and she adjusted the routine to fit my needs. I eventually found the Sweat Sessions and found them challenging.

The hardest thing for me was changing habits. I didn’t eat regularly, skipping meals and the snacking on unhealthy foods. I didn’t schedule exercise into my my day and only walked and did stairs on a daily basis. I never slept more than 4 to 5 hours and was always tired.

Through changing my portions of protein, carbohydrates, sugars and fats, and taking pictures of my meals, I have become more aware of how diet affects my body and mind. I have more energy, I am more alert, and actually seem to be less hungry even though I feel like I’m eating more.

Setting aside exercise time on a daily basis was a challenge but, I started building muscle again and eventually saw a good loss of fat. Seeing results gave me incentive to keep going!

Habits are hard to break but I have changed my sleep hours, I don’t skip meals anymore, and I have healthy snacks instead of snacks with high fat and carbohydrates. After staying the course for the eight weeks of the challenge it’s become my new set of habits.

My goal for the whole challenge was to lose 10 pounds. Through using the Life Time Training App, watching the videos, and changing my food choices I achieved my goal – and 5 pounds more! I started at 147.4 and ended up at 131.8! My body fat went from 34.3% down to 26.5%!

I can say I am extremely happy with my results. I know I will continue all the changes I’ve made. But I will not maintain my results. I have a new goal to build more muscle, lose fat, and lose 5 more pounds. I have Mitra to thank for having faith in me and Life Time for giving me the 60day Challenge.