Wendy M.

Fort Worth, TX

wendy m. fall 2021

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Nutrition Coach | Personal Trainer | Cycle Instructor | Group Fitness Attendant | Studio Instructor

Weight Management
General Health and Wellness
Muscle Building
Strength Training

Wendy’s Story

I have 3 beautiful children and an amazing husband. I was a teenager when I had my daughter and her brothers 8 years later.  I felt my only  purpose in life was being a mom, so when the youngest left the house 5 years ago my life changed drastically. I felt I had no purpose, was lost and depressed.  I found an evil bestfriend, red wine. My bestfriend and I would have a big date every day!  I’m no stranger to addiction. My dad died from alcoholism and I knew I needed help.  I would tell myself daily that  I wasn’t going to drink that day but by 5pm I had a glass of wine in my hand.  When I was ready to find purpose in my life and make some changes the only way to make that possible was to stop drinking.  I knew I had to make some serious decisions to make a change in my life. It was definitely a sign when I received a message from Christa M. about the 60day Fall Flex Challenge.  I signed up immediately.  I told myself and family if I couldn’t complete the 60day Challenge without drinking I was going to admit myself into a rehabilitation center.  Admitting that I had a problem with alcohol  was the first step.  It was especially difficult to admit that I was in the same sinking boat that my dad was in.  By having it out in the open it gave me a support system to hold myself accountable while cheering me on at the same time.  I even got my sister and my neighbor/friend to join Life Time. A couple weeks before the challenge started I began cleaning up my diet and decreased the amount of alcohol I was consuming. I wanted to give myself a head start on my detox since I wouldn’t have energy to be in the gym working out during a detox .

To be successful I decided to make some achievable goals.  The goals I set for myself was to lose 10lbs, 4% body fat, gain muscle, no alcohol, eat clean, limit TV to 1 hour a day, walk every day and exercise 6 days a week.  Call me old school  because I like to use a planner. I use the planner to schedule everything, keep myself organized and accountable. Oh and let me tell you, it feels so good taking that pencil and crossing stuff off when the goal is completed.

During the 60 days I did all the mini challenges. The first one, 10,000 steps a day was an eye opener for me. It was difficult getting in 10,000 steps every day. I planned walking 1.5 miles in the morning when I found myself walking around in circles around my kitchen island before bed to get the last of my 10,000 steps in. I followed the 60day meal plan and recipes.  It was really helpful that everything was so well planned out, I knew what and when I was going to meal prep. I love the way the grocery list is designed, it saved me a lot of time. The recipes are so good that I didn’t eat out during the 60 days and will continue with the recipes. I will also continue leaving my house with a cooler of prepared food and lots of water.

My neighbor/friend became my accountability workout partner.  We would plan our workouts for the week on Sundays to make sure they worked with our busy schedules. When we planned our workouts we would make the reservations on the app for  double accountability.  We would have three days of strength training and three days of classes (GTX, Water Aerobics, Gluteus MAXout, Core, Lifebarre, Barbell Strength, Sol heated, Surrender, Flow heated, Pilates).  I also have another neighbor/friend that would invite me to go the gym or for a walk.

After completing the 60day Challenge with the help from accountability partners and support system I lost 9lbs, 7.4% body fat and gained 1.8 pounds of muscle; however, I have gain so much more!  When my health and fitness became my main priority my habits changed. Instead of my original goal of watching TV for 1 hour a day, I found I was watching TV 2 hours a week. When I look at these pictures it means more to me than a physical change. The picture on the left is someone who is addicted to alcohol, escaping life by binge watching Netflix, eating horribly, not exercising, depressed and tired. The person on the right has been sober for 60 days, eats clean, workouts constantly and has so much energy that sometimes I drive my love ones crazy. Thank you Life Time, the 60day Challenge, Christa M., members, family and friends.