Finalists / Jekaterina K

Jekaterina K.

14.99% weight loss, 23.4 lbs.*

*Results not typical

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Let me start by introducing myself. I am a 36-year-old woman with an unusual name. Jekaterina. Originally I am from a small European country: Latvia.

Why Am I in a 60-Day Challenge? To lose weight? Yes and No!

My main reason to complete a Challenge is my kids. I’m already mom of 3 children and I am very proud of my kids. Like every parent I wish my kids all the best, and that they grow up healthy, smart and happy. My eldest is a teenager. I was trying to keep him busy and explain that he needs to do some exercises to lose his belly. But one day he said back to me, “Mommy, look at yourself!” To hear it was unpleasant, even though he was right. With words “almost impossible,” I should prove to him a live example of sport life and healthy life. No one in my family is very athletic or in to sports, not even my husband. I must become a leader and an example for him and all kids. And then they will be proud of their mother and wish to be like their mom.

So my story:
We moved to Houston about 5 years ago. I was in the seventh month of my happy second pregnancy, but at this point, was starting to gain pounds. Different food, different lifestyle, less walking, more car driving. I became a “stay-at-home mom”, not working outside the home. It was stressful. After delivery, I was 20+ pounds from my normal weight. Those stayed with me. Then finally I was expecting my baby girl. It was my third pregnancy: very desired, however not so easy. After the birth of my princess, and my two existing boys, I also got another “lucky” 20 pounds of weight. Those stayed with me. I became a busy mom of 3 kids with a lot of stress, problems and less sleep. Why did I mention sleeping before? It was the first secret I learned during weekly “Try-It Tuesday.” It’s all about nutrition, workout, health and how to help you obtain the results. I also learned about all possibilities that you can have in your club. How to change your lifestyle, build healthy habits, and finally what to eat to compete.

None of the “Tuesdays” passed without result. Every time I learned something new, even if a topic was familiar to me.

Certainly to reach my target goal, every small item is important. Every bit of advice and support is vital. For those people who just started with Life Time, it is very useful to learn facility and all possibilities offered. I was surprised to know that some people using personal trainer service or team group service, had no idea about the group fitness studios and hydro-training in the pool. For me, it’s a very important part of my workout and it is free.

Let’s come back to the question about sleeping. At the moment when I realized “I have too many extra pounds,” I was not pregnant and not breast-feeding. I started an active lifestyle, exercised and ate healthy food. However, my weight did not go down. This was confusing. Answer to that mystery was very simple: it is not only about workout. Also recovery is important, i.e., to take rest and have good sleep. It is recommended to have 7-8 hours of continuous sleep every day. I had no such sleep for the last 5 years. On a good day my little princess wakes me up 2-3 times a night. On bad days, it could be nonstop. My baby girl still sleeps poorly, but I try to go to bed earlier or even to have a nap – at least to lie down and have a rest. And this is working! With help of all specialists, coaches and other good people that I met in Life Time, I build my own workout and life plan. It includes group fitness, yoga, swim, hydro-training, personal training, nutrition, supplements and rest.

And you can do it all in your Life Time.

It’s not enough to have a plan – you need to complete it. Our busy lives are not easy. You can find 1000 excuses to not work out. Before, I could skip my workout if I run out of time. But now, no skip for me: 50 min from 1 hour is better than nothing.
Sometimes you have not enough support or even understanding from your family and you really wish to quit. It’s very sad and hard, and it looks like it’s only one way – just run from these problems. But it’s your life and your health.

When I was thinking that I can’t do it, in my ear always popped up words of the group trainer Amber: You can do it! Yes, you can!

After one month of intense working out and losing 15+ pounds, I was feeling much better. I have no belly and I have more energy and muscles. Now I can fit into my old pants and I bought a dress for the New Year in a size 6, not 12 as it was before. My waistline dropped from 35.5 to 27. It is only the beginning, but now I know I have to do it. I already have my D.TOX Kit and I will keep going to workouts with my personal trainer, group fitness classes and by myself in the club and at home. Thank you for all the support and good mood, to all staff from service desk to cleaners in the locker rooms, for doing such a great and important job.

If I can do it, you can do it.

Yes you can!