Finalists / Kim J

Kim J.

66.67% change in body fat percent*

*Results not typical

KIM J 700x500 FRONT

My struggles with weight and image began in junior high school. I started skipping meals to reduce my caloric intake. Eventually I wasn’t eating any meals and snacking as little as possible. I became so hungry, I couldn’t stand it anymore and started eating everything in sight. I gained weight rapidly and surpassed my normal weight in a few days. Ever since then, I have been struggling to take off that extra weight without success until I joined the Life Time Fitness Fall and Winter 60-Day Challenges.

With the help of the staff at Life Time, I was able to change the way I eat. I eliminated processed foods, starchy carbs, and sugars. I focused on getting more protein and eating whole foods. I tracked what I ate on an online website which really helped me stay on track.

I also changed the way I exercised. Through Coach Dan’s Cardio Burn program, I learned the key to burning more fat vs carbs while exercising. I did more weight training than cardio and the fat started melting off my body.

I wasn’t too excited to join the Winter 60-Day Challenge because I didn’t want to be restricted with my diet during the Holidays. But my personal trainer, Cindy Laskow, talked me into it. If nothing else, it would keep me on track when the temptation was to overeat.

Boy, am I glad I joined the Winter Challenge! There were more activities than usual and it was a lot of fun! I got to try out Pilates, the 12 days of Fitness, and TEAM Fitness. I also made more progress and finally have the muscle definition I have always wanted.

After changing the way I eat and exercise for the last 5 months, I am confident I will be able to maintain this new lifestyle. I have learned that I can indulge in guilty pleasures once in a while. And by doing so, I have not had to fight off cravings. I have even seen changes in the food choices my grown children make, avoiding processed foods and starchy carbs. And my husband is amazed how he prefers fresh vegetables over chips nowadays. This Challenge has had positive effects on my whole family!

I now have more energy and I feel great. Everyday tasks have become easier. I am stronger and have more endurance. I love the transformation my body has undergone. I can wear clothes that I was embarrassed to wear before. The Life Time 60-Day Challenges have given me confidence and empowered me to accomplish anything I put my mind to.

Thank you Life Time!