Finalists / Randy F

Randy F.

19.07% weight loss, 55.1 lbs.*

*Results not typical

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Decision Time: I could have put on another 10 to 12 pounds like most people do during the holidays or I could be FIT by the F1RST. I chose FIT! My Results: I dropped 55.1 lbs., going from 289 to 233.9. I decreased my Percentage of Body Fat by 9.2%, from 30.7% to 21.5%. Most important, I significantly reduced the amount of the deadly visceral/belly fat, so I greatly increased my odds of living a longer, healthier life. Here’s my story.

Background: I’m 64 years old with a lovely wife, 3 sons and a spoiled 10-year old boxer. When I was young, I was very fit. I played football at Oklahoma State University in the early 70’s. I was in the Army for almost 21 years and had the honor of serving on Gen. Schwarzkopf’s medical staff during Desert Storm. After retiring from the military in 1996, I had a life-changing event and became grossly overweight reaching 340 lbs. I was a heart attack waiting to happen! Three years ago, I committed to a healthy lifestyle and I dropped over 120 lbs. It was during this time that I realized that something was wrong. I was diagnosed with a tumor in my pituitary gland which prevented my Testosterone from being produced properly. After being treated unsuccessfully for 1.5 years by medication to shrink the tumor, I underwent major brain surgery in September, 2016. Unfortunately, it didn’t fix the problem but created new issues. The bottom line was that I went from feeling fantastic to the lowest in my life, physically, mentally and financially. I put on 60 lbs. due to not having any energy/endurance, being down, trouble sleeping and stressed. I needed help!

First Impression of Life Time: My oldest son, Gavin, had been trying for over a year to get me to switch to Life Time. He wanted me to spot him while he was lifting. I believe his ulterior motive was to help me recover. Gavin paid for my dues since my income significantly dropped when I lost my mortgage business due to my illness. I joined Life Time on 22 Feb. 2016. I was amazed at how huge and luxurious it was. It reminded me of a 5-Star Resort with the friendly staff, the Spa, the LifeCafe, the large saunas/steam rooms, the spacious pool/play areas, and all the latest fitness machines. I was surprised to learn that Life Time was open 24/7. I have participated in every Challenge since I’ve joined Life Time. For the previous 14-months and Challenges, my cardio consisted primarily of walking from the parking lot up to the stairs to the training area which exhausted me. I would only work out 20 to 30 minutes a day. My results were minimal. During this Holiday Challenge, we finally found the right combination of medications and dosages that restored my energy and endurance so that I could work out for 3 to 4 hours a day. It felt great!

My Goals: I wanted to lose at least 40 lbs. during this Challenge. I was thrilled to lose 55.1 lbs. I aspire to be a role model so that I can inspire/help others. Lastly, I wanted to win the $10,000 to better our financial situation. My Plan: Very simple. Know It: Follow the plan that worked for me when I lost 123 lbs. Nourish It: I already ate very clean, nutritionally-dense food along with whey protein shakes. I do intermittent fasting/detoxing on a regular basis. You can’t out train a bad diet! Move It: Weight training with cardio yields the best results for me. Due to constant forehead pressure and a possible Cerebral Spinal Fluid leak, I did not lift nor do any core or strenuous exercises. I pushed and persevered through my workouts. I postponed the medical procedure that should resolve my persistent headache until 13 Jan. so that I could finish this Challenge.

Support: Everyone is so Supportive! I would like to give a special shout out to Trainers Austin, Ben, Elijah, and Ashley for their continuous encouragement and support. With all the available resources and the continuous Challenges, Life Time makes it easy to maintain a healthy way of life! There is no reason not to achieve your goals.

How My Lifestyle Has Changed: I’ve regained a lot of my self-esteem and confidence that I had when I was slimmer and healthier. I’ve also created new friends and am enjoying life more now that I Feel Alive Again!

My Plan to Maintain these Changes: I still want to lose another 10 lbs. My wife and I walked the 5K Commitment Day Fun Run. My 2017 goal is to become healthier and stronger. I’ve registered for the next Challenge and plan to put on muscle and become leaner. I’m looking forward to finally being able to lift and use free weights, plus take advantage of the Free Try-It-Tuesday Classes and the Complimentary Sessions after my procedure. It is easy to stay motivated when you view going to work out more as taking a daily vacation at a Fitness Resort with your Friends and Family. Thanks, Gavin and Life Time Fitness! I CAN DO IT ALL AT MY LIFETIME and I AM!