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Tarah B.

47.33% change in body fat percent*

*Results not typical

Tarah B Front

The Life Time 6- Day Challenge is just what the name implies…it’s a challenge. Mentally, physically and emotionally you are pushed outside of your comfort zone to try your best and to ultimately become the best version of yourself. Looking at my photos, it’s easy for me to see the physical changes from the last 60 Days of my transformation. However, it’s what these photos don’t show that I really want to highlight, because it is the more complete story of my transformation.

Sixteen months ago I made a decision that has changed my life. The decision was to simply walk back into the club after being away for many years. At that time, I was 36 years old, 149 lbs and 31% body fat. I had always worked out and stayed in decent shape in my 20s, but 4 children and one demanding career later, and I was left with little time or energy to focus on myself. Those years of neglecting my well-being began to add up and take effect on my body. I was tired, moody, achy and simply uncomfortable in my own skin. Those feelings, along with the fact that my wonderful father had passed away at the young age of 56 from heart disease, made me realize that I needed to make a change in the interest of my health.

As I stated above, the first step in making this change was simply the act of “deciding” to make a commitment to take care of myself again. Each and every day, I reminded myself of that commitment, especially on the days when I didn’t feel like going to the club. No matter what, I went. Those first months were hard, but I utilized every part of what Life Time had to offer in order to keep myself motivated. From one-on-one personal training to group fitness classes, yoga, swimming and eventually small group training… you name it and I did it. I can’t stress enough how much that helped me along the way. The different programs offered me just what I needed to counteract the feelings of intimidation I had about being so out of shape, but they also helped keep me accountable and gave me a community that I felt I was a part of.

Fast forward 14 months and you can see in my “before” photos where I was when I started the official 60-Day Challenge: 37 years old, 133.3 lbs and 24.3% body fat. I was very proud of those numbers and of all of the hard work that had gotten me there, but I did feel that I had hit a plateau in my journey. It was at that time that I met my coach, Adonnai Santos. He approached me at the club one morning and very simply asked me if I had considered entering the upcoming 60 Day Challenge. He was very encouraging and spoke with a confidence that only comes from years of experience and success in helping people transform into their best selves. He outlined what the Challenge would entail and what the commitment would look like. It would be 5 days per week in his small group training, along with extensive nutritional guidance. He also very politely asked me to “trust the process with reckless abandon.” After our talk, I took the night to consider what he had proposed and by the next day I had decided to make the commitment. I joined his 5am group and have never looked back.

60 Days later and here I am…. 38 years old, 124.5 lbs and 12.8% body fat. I’m still me; a mother of 4 amazing children, a wife, a sister, a daughter and a friend, but I’m a better version of all of those things because of how great I now feel. What I can confidently say after this Challenge is that it was completely transformative.  Not only is my body transformed, but mentally I have improved so much. I have fallen in love with taking care of myself again during this process and I’m so incredibly thankful I made this investment in my well-being. My body is now stronger than it’s ever been and I feel capable and happy. No longer do I have those feelings of being uncomfortable in my own skin.

Life Time provided the platform to take advantage of unmatched resources and to connect to an entire community of supportive individuals. Words cannot express the gratitude I have for all of the wonderful people who have helped me during this journey. Among those are my amazing coach, Adonnai Santos. It cannot be overstated how influential he was in my transformation. He encouraged me, educated me and pushed me in a way that guaranteed my success. Joining his group was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I also want to thank personal trainers Joe Frakes and Jill Hill; all of the wonderful group fitness instructors, including Courtney, Jen and Lorraine for making classes so fun that you want to keep coming back; and of course, the amazing friends I have made along the way who pushed me and kept me accountable. I have met people and formed relationships that will last a lifetime. I am forever grateful for this experience and I’d encourage anyone who needs a push, to take the first step and simply “decide” to begin caring for yourself again. I promise you won’t regret it!