Finalists / Allison H.

Allison H.

Dublin, OH

Allison H

After having three children in a five year period, I was left feeling weak, flabby, and not comfortable in my own skin. I had three abdominal hernias, which required two surgeries to repair. I had constant back pain from my weak core. As a busy mom of a 3, 5 and 7 year old I often neglected to take care of myself. In addition to being a mom I also have a nursing career and am enrolled in graduate school. Always on the go, I would often end up eating foods that I grabbed in a hurry, unsure of what good portion sizes were, and making bad choices more than I would have liked. This created a cycle of having low energy and negative feelings about myself. I was tired of being unhappy with my body and the way I felt about myself. I wanted to make some positive changes in my health but I was unsure of the steps to take.

Before Life Time, all I had been doing for exercise was running. I joined because I wanted to strengthen my core and build some feminine curves. I did workout routines that I found online or on Instagram. I felt like the work I was doing at the gym wasn’t producing the results I wanted. I knew my time at the gym could be more productive if I had the help of a trainer, but I was afraid to make the investment in myself.

My friend encouraged me to join her at a group workout, which was led by Adonnai Santos, and I loved it immediately. I pushed myself much harder than when I worked out on my own, and learned a lot about form. Almost every move we did utilized our core. I knew then that making the commitment to do the 60 Day would be a great opportunity to improve my body and my life. Adonnai also helped me with my diet and supplements. I learned about portion sizes and eating pre- and post-workout to maximize the benefits of my workouts. I had never been into supplements before, but I started taking GUT.FIX and my stomach bloating that I dealt with every day went away almost immediately. The BCAA Recovery drink helped me feel ready to work out hard again day after day. After three kids the elasticity of my stomach skin wasn’t so great, but I really think the Collagen Peptides protein has helped tighten it up. These supplements have really added to my overall feeling of wellbeing.

Life Time made it a lot easier to do the 60 Day because the childcare they offer is awesome. The kids love it and I love that they get exercise while I’m working out—the pool, swim lessons and rock wall make Life Time one of our family’s favorite places. The café and spa are also so amazing and convenient.

Making the commitment to do the 60 Day has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. The results are beyond what I imagined and I am excited to see where I can go from here. I feel like a new person and have a new sense of confidence in my body. I’ve never felt stronger—physically and mentally—and the back pain I’d had for years is completely gone. The 60 Day helped me to set goals and kept me focused, both at the gym and at home. I would recommend the 60 Day to anyone because the confidence I feel now is amazing, and I wouldn’t trade this feeling for anything in the world.