Finalists / Amanda K.

Amanda K.

Ajax, ON

Amanda K

In the past, I used to use my 60 Day submission to reflect on my choices I made that led me to not reach my goals.  Twice, after doing the 60 Day, I made little to no progress, and was always disappointed at the end, especially when having to take the after pictures, and nothing changed, but this time was different.  This time everything just fell into place perfectly!  My after is so much more than I expected it to be.  I truly feel like a different person, both inside and out!

When I first joined Life Time in May 2018, I had just lost 20 pounds doing a Bootcamp Challenge at another gym.  I decided that Lifetime would be the best facility for me to continue my journey because of variety of equipment and classes they offer, plus it was close to home and work!

I initially joined the Team Training: Alpha, because I wanted to keep up with classes but I thought I wanted a different challenge. I really enjoyed at first because it was so different, and I enjoy learning new things.  A couple weeks went by and my initial excitement dropped and I found myself uninterested.  A Bootcamp class would run the same time as Alpha, and I thought that would be a better fit for me. I messaged the trainer that signed me up, Amanda and she made it so easy for me to switch into the Bootcamp Class.  And that’s when everything changed for me.  I met Jerome, the trainer of Bootcamp and he did my 60 Day Initial Intake.

He first told me that people on his program lose an average of 20-40 lbs over the 60 days.  He then sat down with me and worked on my plan.  We made my goals, that I would lose 30 pounds, and 10% body fat.  I honestly didn’t believe that it was possible, but if you see this man, it’s hard not to listen to him.  I have never been able to reach my goals alone, so I knew I needed help.  I also had extra motivation with my birthday & vacation coming up at the end of January!  I also knew I was in the right hands when he asked me to send him a picture of my celebrity body goals / crush, and he knew her by name!

Jerome put me on a 21 day Cleanse, and then worked out a meal plan for me to follow after.  Life Café made it so easy to purchase everything I needed, and I was even helped with my list of items!

I did my Metabolic Assessment with the trainer Chris B, and I learned so much about my different zones! It’s a really cool test, and it’s nice to be able to maximize your cardio to help you achieve specific goals.  I honestly feel that with every new staff member I meet, my experience just gets better and better.   Because I could not attend one of Jerome’s Bootcamp Classes I was allowed to take Shaun’s on Sunday!  I loved his because it was different, and a lot smaller and more personal.  It was a nice combination to have.    I also love how flexible the trainers are.  While Jerome was gone for a week, I asked Natasha if I could join her Burn class.  It ran around the same time as Jerome’s class so it worked for me.  She was so kind, and I learned a lot from just a couple of classes from her! I honestly couldn’t believe it was a beginner’s class because you really work!

Life Time is more than just a gym, and that’s why I love it.   From the moment you walk in, it feels like your second home.  There is literally something for everyone.  Over this 60 Day I also took advantage of as much as I could!  It was my first time using the Sauna/Steam room, which is a great way to finish a work out!  I also tried a couple of the Group Classes for the first time!  I figured this time, I am going all in!   I love how welcoming every class is to first timers.  It is a vibe I have never gotten anywhere else.   I also love how involved the personal trainers are.  I have only ever worked out with one yet all of them will greet you, and even give compliments.  Every day I have seen trainers walk around the cardio machines with towels!! What?! I love seeing people enjoying what they do. How can you not want to come to a place like that?

What’s my after?

It’s a whole new me!  I constantly get stopped, and asked what I did, and how I did it.  All I can say is thank you Life Time, and thank you Jerome!! Jerome was always there when I had questions, and when I just needed a bit of boost to keep going! He is amazing at what he does! And thank you to all the other trainers who helped me get here. You all have truly changed my life. I cannot believe I did it, I hit my goal!!