Finalists / Blake M.

Blake M.

Woodstock, GA

Blake M

What a 60 days!

I undertook the Holiday 2018 60 Day because I was tired of the plateau. I was weighing at the low 270’s to the high 280’s every other couple weeks. I had come from being 325lbs 42% body fat in early 2017 so while I was very happy with my progress, I didn’t want to be just a little overweight I wanted to be FIT! So, enough was enough! I decided I was going to dedicate myself to becoming the best version of me. I cut out alcohol, bread, and anything else that I knew was not fuel that my body could use to propel me further instead of set me back. I ate the prepared meals in the Life Café and knew exactly what was going in my body. I would drink protein water after every workout.

I also enrolled in the GTX BURN class run by Andre Heath. He NEVER let me take a rep off and always pushed me well past the point that my weak brain asked if we could stop at (and would have stopped if I was alone). The GTX BURN class gives you a sense of community and accountability to others, which may be the most important part in the beginning of a weight loss journey because that’s when it’s the hardest and you need the most support! Andre even breaks down the class with “1, 2, 3 FAMILY”.

But it doesn’t stop there, that may be only half the battle. You have three days of GTX BURN a week, which still leaves a lot of extra time for you to get better. So I would go to Life Time on nearly every off day, sometimes even Sunday and just get moving. I cannot recommend including active recovery cardio or yoga days enough. Life Time’s programs, technology, and facilities during this 60 Day have not only changed my outward appearance, it is improving my body’s capacity to operate. In June 2017 I did an Active Metabolic Assessment test and had a VO2 (maximum amount of oxygen your body can use at once) score of 27.5 which is 5.5 below VERY POOR. I just retested in December 2018 and it was 42.7! My point is the process works. The testing was crucial for the 60 Day and to understand my fat burning heart rate zones had changed drastically.

I was transitioned to the Alpha training class about half way through the 60 Day since Andre thought I was ready for new challenges, aka heavier weights. It has been going great and I love the intensity of the group, workouts and pacing! Brian Davis, the coach of Alpha training, loves to put in work.

Most importantly to me, is the effect this is having on other people. I have had people I haven’t talked to in 5+ years call me and ask if I can help them get started doing whatever it is I’m doing and eating. I have had 4 people from my family sign up at Life Time and set their own weight loss goals! And that’s what stands out the most to me in the end, as Andre would say… “INSPIRE TO BE INSPIRED!”