Finalists / Glen F.

Glen F.

San Antonio at the Rim, TX

Glen F

Admittedly, I am the guy that enjoys a gathering of great friends, delicious food, unlimited drinks and decadent desserts.  I’ve been this way as long as I can remember. Undoubtedly it caught up to me in my late 30s after a life changing experience in my career and shortly after the birth of my first child. Things turned for the worse.

I’d always been so busy in my career that my personal health had taken a back seat to either meeting goals at work or celebrating the accomplishments of them after work was complete. I started having issues fitting into clothes, keeping up with my daughter when playing and always feeling tired. My wife reminded me that I was always so busy that I never went to the doctor for checkups and she insisted I go. I scheduled an appointment and thank goodness I did. The doctor was immediately worried about my blood pressure and overall health that she scheduled an EKG. Bottom line in October 2018 my blood pressure was 166/120 and I weighed in at 286 lbs with 33% body fat. Other result revealed glucose at 150 with a questionable liver.  My family has a history of diabetes, liver issues and high blood pressure. I had to make some changes so I could be around for my daughter. My health issues definitely put it all into perspective.

I called a friend and personal trainer Dustin Castro. I re-enrolled at Life Time San Antonio. I did research and got some assistance from Isaac Rejino and Anthony Pierre, both nutritionist at Life Time. I started prepping meals 5/6 days a week for both my wife and me. Dustin recommend I take a metabolic test and learn my zones to have a better cardio work out. So, I did and Mr. Rejino was ruthless in creating a cardio plan due to my results. My zones where so high I pretty much had to sprint for 30 to 40 minutes on my cardio days. Just kidding, but it was intense. When running on the treadmill I realized I was never running to my potential and in the right zones. The meals and workouts are much different now than they were 15 years ago when I was in the service and a part time athlete.

I stopped drinking alcohol. I honestly haven’t had a drink in 90 days. I started making time for the gym 5-6 days a week. I started working out on October the 7th and plan on getting down to 225 lbs by the end of the spring. This would be a total of 61lbs in 6months. The 60 Day is just the start to this new journey of my health goals and lifestyle change. My blood pressure is currently 120/80. During the 60 Day I have lost a total of 33.8 lbs and 10.2% body fat. I am enjoying an active outdoor lifestyle with my daughter, have an increase in energy and am overall happier.