Finalists / Peter A.

Peter A.

Vernon Hills, IL

Peter A

My big major goal during my 60 Day is just two words…. RISE UP! By getting up earlier than I usually do; to go to the gym twice a day with no excuses in the morning and night. Take the advantage of the classes that interest me at Life Time such as Yoga and Zumba. Yoga is great because it helped me with my flexibility and my inner Zen. With Zumba, it helped me with my cardio and interact with others while having pumping music going on. With all this and having a healthy eating style are my goals during the 60 Day. This is my Rise Up moment commit to myself from now and until… well… forever!

Thanks to Life Time they helped me to achieve my results with having great and heartwarming coaches and staff on board. Without their support, I probably wouldn’t achieve the results I’ve gotten through the 60 Day. They were with me all the way by checking in on me and helping me with any trouble I had when I went to their recommend classes that included in the 60 Day. Which every class I went to was awesome! Also, the great advice that each trainer gave me in the way I worked out and the way I eat helped me to achieve the results I see now. So, thank you Life Time at Vernon Hills, IL for being by my side all the way!

My lifestyle changed completely that’s for sure. I have Neurofibromatosis Type 1, a condition characterized by changes in skin coloring and the growth of tumors along my skin and other parts of my body. It’s not fatal or contagious it’s just something I’ve had since when I was a kid and it also causes me to have L.D. a (Learning Disability) which it was hard for me to learn things or be faster than any other normal people can do but that didn’t stop me to move forward in my life even though it was a struggle. Life was tough for me going through the work world and going through a depressing heartbreak but Life Time changed all that and also if it wasn’t for my brother-in-law to get me to enroll for Life Time. I wouldn’t be where I am now. Life Time gave me the confidence I been lacking all this time and needed. I now feel good about myself for what I have accomplished and what I’m going to accomplish in the future. Life Time gave me now the courage to pursue what I have been dragging to do all this time. To become a YouTuber I know it sounds funny but I have a show idea hopefully people will like it. It’s called “Ride, Eat, & Hang with T_o.” Check it out! :)

Now, my plans to maintain these changes are to keep going with what I’m doing but add more and different exercises in my daily routine. By going to different classes that Life Time provides and challenging myself on workouts that I wouldn’t usually do. Just to keep moving forward and to never give up. Also, having a healthy eating lifestyle and staying away from junk food and fast food! Hmmm… as I more think about it I can’t really give it all up but respect my body enough to maintain a balance whatever goes in my body; you have to spoil yourself once in a while. Overall, the major plan is to feel good about myself and keep a focus on my goals that I have learned along the way in Life Time and from my awesome trainers that were by my side. My plan is to keep myself motived and always to keep reaching for the stars and always see the light of day.

In my final words, I haven’t felt so great in my life for a long time. Life Time gave me that! They gave me Life and Time. I broke these words apart because I finally knew what it meant in between. Life; which they gave me to seize the day and to go on and not to give up. I battled depression and a really bad heartbreak. They gave me my life back to happy and free. I see everything so clearly now which everything before was blocked and I broke through it! Thank You! Time; which also they gave me back in my life. I learned the value of the word “time” and to use my time wisely. To enjoy my life and use that time to make a change in my life which I did here in Life Time because my life and my time are precious. Life Time gave me the best learning experience I have ever experience in my whole life. So, from the bottom of my heart thank you Lifetime and to all the trainers and staff who were with me and supporting me all the way to this 60 Day. I can’t thank you enough!