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Stacey H.

Deerfield Township, OH

Stacey H

This challenge is definitely been an interesting one! This is now my second 60day completing and to be completely upfront and honest probably my worst performance. The 60day started in November which for my job has always been one of the heaviest months when it comes to sales and personal production. Two huge events with the 60day and Black Friday squeeze into one month. This is both a good and a bad thing great because the out of business is always a positive, not so great because this may require long days and frequent appointments that don’t allow for work out consistency or even nutrition consistency.

I went into this event with a slightly different mindset, I wanted to stay consistent with my workout routine that I had established from the prior 60day  but I didn’t want to overwhelm myself with a schedule that required any specific amount of days. I settled on continuing my running one day a week doing a pretty general split routine three other days of the week. Leg day, upper body push pull, arm day and, the new addition to the plan yoga one time per week. This routine worked fairly well with the exception of yoga. There was no possibility of me squeezing these workout in so I committed my Sundays to stretching an hour and a half roughly.

With low expectations from my workout program my attention was focused primarily on my performance at work. Looking at my performance purely in Q3 of 2018 I had reached barely 67% of my personal target. After Q4 I have significantly improved that and bumped it up to over 107% of my target. I was able to accomplish this goal by focusing my attention purely on our members and the success that they may see throughout the 60day. With frequent weekly check-ins that included updating weights, doing nutrition journal audits, club visits, receiving meal prep pictures, checking in for PRs, and teaching to 60day events I was able to stay very well connected to the members I registered on to my 60day team. Starting with over 30 members was a challenge to manage and keep engaged. Inevitably a good chunk fell off throughout the course of the 60day but to my knowledge at least 10 saw significant results and have submitted their stories along with before and after pictures! A majority of which lost over 10lbs along with accomplishing their own performance goals!

This 60day has truly left an impact on me. Not personally like my last event but with the lives of numerous members I have been lucky enough to work with throughout this time period. This program is truly designed well to get results for any and every one that stays engaged. I can see this in the results achieved by my team. Most were not the traditional weight lost clients but instead a mixture of transformation, lifestyle change, and strength improvement goals. Being of help to these members have been way more fulfilling to me than any minimal amount of fitness improvement I could have made on my own in the span of 60days. I’m excited to be a part of Life Time Training so that I have the chance to continue this rhythm with every 60day we have moving forward!