Maple Grove, MN

Angela K.

Angela’s Story

Today I completed my first 60day and it won’t be my last…

When I started the 60day I was a 45 year old caffeine lovin’, chaos livin’, kid chasin’, cocktail sippin’ mom! I put all my energy into keeping the people in my life happy, trying to be the perfect mom and wife but somewhere among the chaos I forgot to take care of me and it was showing. I was gaining weight, my body ached, I wasn’t sleeping well and my daily juggling act was becoming overwhelming.

Desperate for a cure I started with a visit to the doctor. I found out that I needed surgery for meniscus tears in both knees, I had Hashimoto’s disease (my body was attacking my thyroid), and I was in menopause. So basically I had no metabolism and exercise could be challenging, great! I started on several medications and switched to a gluten free diet for my Hashimoto’s disease but I was still suffering from weight gain and exhaustion. My doctor basically chalked it up to menopause, said it was normal. Being middle aged and 30-40 pounds overweight was normal? I also had surgery on my knees and was cleared for activity but I was afraid of injuring my knees again.

So now I knew why my body was failing but I still wasn’t feeling better and I was still gaining weight. My clothes were getting tighter and I was avoiding friends because I was embarrassed by how I looked. Deep down I knew I needed to make some lifestyle changes but it had become so much easier to blame it on the medication, menopause or Hashimoto’s. The gluten free diet basically gave me an excuse to indulge on things I normally wouldn’t because I felt I had given up so much. And although I was exhausted, instead of going to bed, I would join my husband on the couch with a cocktail in hand and one cocktail led to two or three and before long it was 2am and my alarm would be going off in 3 hours. The mornings were pure chaos and by the time I got to work I was exhausted. Every day I would tell myself that I wasn’t going to do that again but I didn’t, the cocktail and the couch were calling my name.

When I received the email about the Fit and Festive 60day I knew it was something I should do. The success stories were inspiring and written by people with real struggles I could relate to. I reached out to Betsy A. at my local Life Time and asked for more information about the 60day. Betsy and I had worked together a couple times over the summer, she understood my struggles and she convinced me that the 60day was something I could do. Meal plans, weekly sweat sessions, and a personal trainer to keep me accountable sealed the deal. After I signed up I told my family and friends about it and they thought I was nuts; especially because it was over the holidays. I’ve never been one to just walk away from a challenge so I decided I was going to do this; I had nothing to lose.

I was super excited when Betsy and I met for kick-off week. I was ready to embark on a new journey but my goal was pretty vague. I told Betsy that I wanted my body back and we laughed when I added that I’d also like my underwear to fit again. I was afraid to put a number to the goal, afraid that I would fail. I really wanted to lose 15 pounds; I thought 2 pounds a week was a stretch but boy would it feel great if I did it. We discussed diet and nutrition and decided that I would eliminate soda, alcohol, anything processed and dairy…yikes! I also purchased fish oils, vitamin D and vegan protein. I’d never tried meal replacement shakes before but they were a real game changer. I could whip them up faster than a meal and I stopped craving sweets; I made my shakes extra thick so it was like having ice cream for breakfast.

I remember being very nervous for my first 60day group workout but the trainers were all very welcoming and I didn’t feel like I was being judged. The weekly sweat sessions were fantastic. I loved that each week we sampled a different type of workout. Group fitness classes had always been where I spent most of my time but after sampling GTX I found what I really needed in a workout; the smaller group motivated me to work harder than ever. On the days I couldn’t make it to the club I followed the 60day workout plans; they were simple, effective movements that didn’t require a lot of equipment so I could do them at home. Now, each day I wake up and check the LT app to plan my daily workout…my workouts have replaced my comfy spot on the couch and no more cocktail in hand, a dumbbell is much sexier.

Today I completed my first 60day but it will not be my last. I worked hard, followed the plan and I reached my goal; I lost 15 pounds! I am stronger, more confident and fitting back into my underwear again…not perfectly but one day real soon. The 60day gave me the tools to take care of me again and I feel AWESOME! I would encourage anyone to try to a 60day; you’ll never regret it!