Bill B.

Maple Grove, MN

bill b. holiday 2020

Bill’s Story

Working out has been a way of life for me. Being a sixty-seven-year-old guy, it is even more important to maintain physical conditioning as I age. I didn’t expect to lose a lot of weight or to change my physic. My goals have been to feel good physically and mentally and to be able to continue to do activities I enjoy. These activities are road biking, hiking, canoeing, snowshoeing, cross country skiing, and yard work. I don’t exactly “enjoy” doing yard work but it sure is easier when I am fit.

When the pandemic closed my Life Time my wife and I purchased an elliptical machine, a bike trainer, and a weight set with a bench. Having my home fitness equipment allowed me to continue to exercise.

After a few weeks, I fell into a rut. I was repeating the same exercises over and over. Then Life Time emailed me about the 60day and I was ready to rock! I enjoyed the challenges and the variety! The whole body workouts were a tonic to my spirit and a boon to my fitness level.

I was getting curious about the fitness classes I observed at Life Time. I chatted with a trainer who gave me a card for a free trial. I talked with a guy I had seen in some of the classes asking his opinion about what he liked about the classes. The day I went to register for a class Covid-19 closed the clubs. Now having tried Kickboxing, Warrior Sculpt, Xtreme, Cardio, and the Saturday Sweat Sessions in the virtual format I am even more excited to get into the Club and sign up for these group workouts.

I also enjoyed trying many of the recipes offered in the 60day. Several had made it into our go-to list of food choices. Like the fajita tray bake and beef and broccoli.

I found the Life Time Training app extremely helpful. Monitoring my workouts is something I have always done to have a record of my training. The app took this to another level. The video demonstrations of how to properly complete the exercises proved to be a significant aid. I liked the way the app kept track of each type of workout and the notices of achieving personal bests.

My results proved to be very satisfying. I lost 5.4 pounds and one inch at my waist. My body fat mass dropped 3.9% while my lean body mass increased .3%. My BMI dropped 1.9%. I feel more fit, I have more energy and more strength. My physic has even changed for the better as evidenced by the before and after photos.

I highly recommend the Life Time Fitness 60day to any club member who is looking for structured workouts that allow for modifications, a program the offers help with diet and advice from a professional training staff.

Thank you to Life Time!


Bill Beckman