Carla P.

Dublin, OH

carla p. holiday 2020

Carla’s Story

2020 was a year of massive disruption in everything from how I lived, worked, dined, and worked out. The pandemic and months of lockdown resulted in changes in every aspect of my life. Among the biggest changes came lack of access to the gym, and social distancing from people but not the refrigerator.  Food became my comfort to get me through this unprecedented time.  We cooked more at home, ordered out on weekends not all meals were bad but being sedentary was a problem.

When the gyms in Ohio opened back up I knew I needed to get my Quarantine weight gain off.  My range of motion was limited and my joints were aching with an additional 20 pounds on my frame.  Rather than exercising during quarantine I was just buying larger and more comfortable clothes and sitting all day working from home.  When the gym re-opened I signed up for GTX classes to assist me in conditioning and strength training.  Due to being a GTX class participant, I received notification that the gym would be offering current clients entry into the “You for You Challenge”.  I was at first hesitant since this challenge would be during 2 major holidays, and I was also almost 50% body fat, but I needed to do something for myself now rather than later, so I signed up to participate in the 60day Challenge.

I signed up for the challenge in November with my GTX coach Vincent (a.k.a Vinny) who helped me set some goals, answered my questions, and assisted me with coming up with a nutritional plan based on my metabolic needs.  Due to my food sensitivities we were able to work in my use of LT Collagen peptides to help me meet my protein needs, Life Time Calcium-Magnesium, and Omega-3 Fish Oil and adjust my nutritional needs based on my energy needs.   In addition to signing up for the 60 Day challenge, I opted to add on Nutritional coaching for the additional accountability.  I participated in GTX conditioning/strength 3 times a week, and pick up Bre’s Gluteus MAXout class once a week and Strike with Leanne or Courtney’s Cardio Kickboxing.  I enjoy all these classes because it kept me from getting bored with just doing a treadmill session on my own.

Dublin Life Time has been great during this unprecedented year in keeping things clean and safe so that the club can stay open and it’s much appreciated.  The staff is great, and supportive from the minute you walk in the door, the trainers and fitness staff are motivational and know how to bring a challenging workout.  Vinny’s GTX Conditioning class is great, at 6 am in the morning he brings the inspiration that makes you want to push past your comfort zone in order for your body to change and the class participants are supportive as well.  In my weekly nutritional coaching sessions, Vinny often says “don’t stop until your proud” and that’s my plan.  The challenge may be over but I am happy to say this holiday season rather than gaining, I lost 12 pounds, gained muscle, and my body fat is finally coming down.