Charlotte, NC

Daniel M.

Daniel’s Story

My journey didn’t begin a year ago when I joined Life Time. It started 30 years ago when I became a firefighter.  When l got on the Fire Department (FD), l weighed in at 199. I had to be physically fit for this kind of work. As I got older it, became harder to keep up with the younger guys. I had to work harder to keep up with them. Also, eating in the firehouse was difficult because I has some of the most amazing meals there.

It made my weight very hard to manage! Year after year, I battle with my weight, and each year, I piled on 5 pounds just smelling the food. No matter how hard I worked out, no matter how hard I played tennis, no matter how many miles I rode my bike. I continued to gain weight.   During the summer, I would drop some pounds, but by January 1st — the weight returned — and it was an up and down battle.

After retiring from the FD, I relocated to Charlotte and joined Life Time of Charlotte and returned to playing tennis. I didn’t realize how much I was out of shape. I started getting injured; first, it was my calf’s, then my knees, then l ruptured my Achilles, and the last straw was when I broke my wrist while I was playing tennis. I knew it was because of the extra 25 pounds I was lugging around. I was not only competing with great opponents on the court, but l was competing mentally and physically with myself. Every time I came off the court, I was wounded.

After the last injury, I had to enlist the help of a Life Time Trainer, Armando. He told me what I needed to do and that he was “my GPS, but I had to drive the car.” In November 2018, I signed up for my first 60day. I started very strong, did the D.TOX, purchased the supplements, and started a training program. Although I saw results, I did not finish the 60day; I was determined to do it again! My second 60day started strong and, I saw improvement, but this time I didn’t even make it 30 days. I continued to see my trainer and worked out 3-4x a week. I felt like I was putting in the hard work at the gym but realized when it came to food; I had minimal control — so my weight stayed the same.

This past summer, I enrolled in my third 60day. This 60day, with a Mondo’s coaching, I took two EDG Cycle classes a week with Deborah R. and Casey J. they are great motivators. They continuously pushed me outside of my comfort zone, and at the end of class, I was mad and glad!  I incorporated the sauna and steam-room into essential tools as well.  I made some simple adjustments to my diet. I started by replacing sugary drinks with at least 64 oz of water daily.   With these changes, I began to see some more improvements, and the weight started to drop. This 60day I completed! Not only was that a victory in itself, but I also weighed-in at the lowest I have been in 15 years.

Motivated and inspired, I joined another challenge; 60day Fit and Festive.  I hit the ground running determined to push past my comfort zone once again. My goal was to maintain my weight-loss efforts thus far and increase my strength and endurance-raising my fitness to a level I have never previously been able to achieve.

I enjoy starting my day at Life Time, the engaging staff.   From the very first time I stepped onto the Life Time campus, I have felt nothing but welcoming energy and encouragement.   From the staff at the front desk, locker room, LifeCafe, LifeSpa, tennis courts, and the training floor are all a part of my team and have been keeping me motivated every day!

With the help of God’s, one of my goals is to keep Life Time as a lifeline-and enjoy all the good things that come along with it; good health, fitness, and friends.

Thanks, Life Time.