Baybrook, TX

Jeff R

Jeff’s Story

I am thrilled to have completed my third 60day over the past year with each one having a slightly different focus and set of goals. This one was primarily an accountability one as I wanted to finish the year out strong and with the holiday season upon us knowing there would be a lot of enticements to eat more with all the good treats and food that would be present during this special time of the year. During the past 60 days I primarily focused on strengthening my core and continuing working on my cardio fitness, while setting a goal to lose 10 more pounds.

You might be asking yourself why three 60day programs in one year. Like so many others over the years I spent more time focusing on work, school, and family while I watched the weight slowly pile on.  With the weight gain and lack of activity outside of work came other health issues; rising BP, a lack of energy, not sleeping well or eating properly, and stress levels ever increasing. All the while I just continued to make excuses that I just didn’t have the time to do anything about it. On January 3, 2019 I begin my journey with Life Time and my initial goal was to lose 60 pounds by my 60th birthday which was this past December 12th. I’m happy to report that I crushed that goal and as of my final weigh-in I have lost a total of 71.5lbs and reduced my overall PBF % by 24 percent in just one year….. just amazing!

How did I accomplish this? The 60day programs introduced me to so many different aspects of the gym and programs, from my first coach Scott D. that worked with me in the wee morning hours for more than 6 months, to the first day I ventured into one of Mel’s Edge Cycle classes and the energy in that class kept me coming back even though I could barely walk for 2 days afterwards, to my nutritionist that kept telling me I needed to eat more (healthy foods of course). Then there was Life Time Sunday rides which got me hooked on outdoor road cycling where I have logged over 2500 miles in my first year of cycling. The best part of all this is that I passed my annual physical for the first time in many years with flying colors. My cardio fitness went from abysmal low to excellent for someone in my age group, and I haven’t felt this good in such a long-long time.

All the staff and coaches at Life Time have been super helpful and supportive during this journey. I can’t thank two of the trainers enough that have been most instrumental in me being able to exceed my goals and those are Scott D. and Mel K., both of them are passionate about what they do and made going to the gym more than just putting in a workout, but made it fun as well. …they both ROCK!

Finally, none of this would have been possible without the continuous encouragement and support of my wife and son!  My wife reminds me “it’s not a race, it’s a journey” which is so true. Baybrook Life Time has given me a place to go workout and have fun at the same time and laid the foundation to keep me on track in accomplishing my goals of living a more active and healthy life which I am very grateful for!  Feeling accomplished and thankful! 😊 Here’s to healthier 2020 and a whole new set of goals to crush!