Jen A.

Vernon Hills, IL

jen a. holiday 2020

Jen’s Story

I feel awesome! I closed out 2020 with healthy routines re-established and am now on a great trajectory. This challenge was just the thing I needed to give me more consistency, energy, mobility, control, and mindfulness. The You for You program guide laid out the exercise and nutritional strategies I followed throughout the 60 days. I used the apps from Life Time, Garmin, and LoseIt! to track my workouts, nutrition, weight, and body composition. This step was a game-changer for me.

I love the new Life Time Training app. The strength and cardio workouts were easy to follow, and it was also so helpful to reference the weights and reps I had done previously. I followed the principles of progressive overload to gradually challenge my body and it felt great to see growth in strength and endurance. The on-demand classes and Saturday Sweat Sessions with David and Lindsay were great workouts and gave me variety in my exercise program. Without the You for You Challenge, I doubt I would have tried an Xtreme class, which I loved!  The Life Time Training app also easily let me make and record adjustments to the plan. If something didn’t fit my schedule or wasn’t quite up my alley, I’d just move it to a different day or substitute a different class. On cardio days, I followed the heart rate zone intervals specified in the workouts. I had previously done Life Time’s Active Metabolic Assessment to find my heart rate zones and used my Garmin heart rate monitor to ensure I stayed in the target zone. I worked with my trainer, James S, throughout the Challenge to lift heavy and complete workouts targeted toward my goals. I looked forward to the active recovery days, which were much needed, and found myself easily sleeping 9 hours a night.

The nutritional guidelines in the You for You program manual guided my food choices. I aimed to eat “real” food and ensure adequate hydration and intake of fiber, protein, healthy fats, and even carbs. After previously working through patterns of food restriction or indulgence, I consistently filled my plate with the right kinds of foods. I also included a Life Time multi-vitamin, fish oil, and shake with life greens daily. I tracked meals and snacks carefully using the LoseIt! app to give me an accurate read of all nutrients and calories. Eventually, I used the app to pre-calculate my daily macros for my planned meals. That meal planning, and batch cooking, made for easy weeks and a fridge full of healthy “real” food. I made many of the Life Time recipes (turkey chili is a favorite!) and found some great blogs with delicious, healthy recipes as well (@eatingbirdfood was a great resource for me).

I am fortunate to have the Garmin scale to measure my weight and body fat percentage, which I uploaded to the app weekly. I also took body measurements and progress pictures. It was super motivating to see my progress graphs in the Life Time Training app. I’m amazed at the progress I’ve had in just 8 weeks’ time; losing 15 pounds, 12% body fat, and 14 total inches. I’m excited to continue toward new goals in 2021 when I want to finish a half marathon and practice more yoga.

More importantly, at present, I have found the sought after sweet spot where I workout for health and enjoyment and eat to feel my best physically and mentally. It feels like magic because this spot has been so elusive for so long, yet it’s not magic. It’s the result of hard work, self love, and loads of support from my family, my trainer, and Life Time cheerleaders. Thank you all!