Algonquin, IL

Joe M.

Joe’s Story

Round Two: In the beginning of 2019, I began to develop fitness goals for myself which I kickstarted with joining Life Time’s 60day. With the help and support of Life Time’s staff and my self-motivation, I ended up being very successful in round 1 and made it to the top ten finalists.

When completing my first 60day, I had the goal to continue with my fitness transformation beyond the challenge and I had signed up for the Pat Tillman run. About a week before the Pat Tillman Run in Chicago, I hit an unexpected roadblock when being diagnosed with an umbilical hernia. This speed bump in my healthy way of life journey reverted me to my old bad habits and got me out of my routine of being in the gym. My doctor told me I was not allowed to continue working out for that period of time and I had to undergo surgery in order to repair the hernia. Going through the recovery process only aided my unhealthy habits as I lived a very sedentary lifestyle for the next four months. I knew I could not go on like this much longer. It was time for me to come back better than before and to get back into my fitness routine that I had established earlier that year. In November, I began my round 2 by joining my second 60day. I knew I had to raise the bar higher this time by implementing higher expectations and a stronger dedication towards my second 60day. At the beginning of the 60day, I met with my trainer, Tracy Cochran, to set goals that were even more challenging than round 1. To set the bar higher than last time, we decided to go further, and Tracy recommended doing the metabolic assessment and to join the Alpha class with Jamal C. Both of these additions were vital to furthering my success in round 2.

Deciding to do the metabolic assessment provided me with three weekly workouts that were specific to my target zone for optimal fat burning. This was a key factor for my success in this 60day because it kept me motivated and I was eager to wake up in the morning to see what my workout would be for that day. The metabolic assessment also held me accountable throughout the 60 days because for each workout that Tracy sent me, I would share my results through my apple watch. She then analyzed the results which helped design the next workout that she would send me. Along with that, I joined the Alpha class with Jamal that I attended three times a week for four weeks. This was another significant component to my success because high intensity interval training was new for me and it proved to be very challenging yet rewarding. Jamal knew my goals and pushed me harder than I ever expected. He not only pushed me to achieve my goals but to go beyond and exceed them. Alpha allowed me to both build my cardiovascular and muscular endurance while shedding fat simultaneously. Another new component that was added during my 60day was Pilates. I experienced two aspects, mat Pilates and reformer Pilates, and I also experienced it both one on one and within a group. This fitness component helped increase my mobility and muscle strength.

I believe that having the opportunity to be a part of fitness classes is a great way to build motivation by being surrounded by others with similar goals. It creates a community atmosphere in which you have social support and a group that holds you accountable while being accompanied by fitness trainers.

On initial weigh in day, I weighed in at 246 pounds with a body fat percentage of 30.3%. The goals that I set with Tracy were to lose 30 pounds and lose 8% body fat within 60 days. I am now ending the 60day at 209 pounds and a body fat percentage of 17.4%. Not only did Life Time’s services and staff help me achieve my goals, but crush and exceed them. Round 2 of the 60day has led to me developing sustainable habits and improving my overall health and fitness. As I wrap up this 60day, I am currently planning my next steps with both Tracy and Jamal to continue my transformation. I am glad to be back in a routine with fitness habits which has led to me having more energy throughout the day along with raised confidence within myself. Special thanks to all the trainers and coaches for their role in me exceeding my goals and making my Life Time experience in 2019 life changing.