Pickerington, OH

John D.

John’s Story

You might have all the tools on your belt, but if you don’t know how to use them properly you will never maximize their true potential. I learned that quickly as I began this journey through the 60day. Prior to the 60day I worked out regularly on my own, but never achieved what I considered real results and would often leave the gym thinking I could have pushed my workout harder.  Andrew M. (who became my trainer/guide) presented the challenge to me, I was hesitant because I knew it would be a big commitment and at the time I was okay with my stagnant workouts. I left my work out that day and thought this challenge might be the kick start I need to reach my full potential. I told Andrew I wanted to do the challenge and that I was ALL IN.

There were two main driving forces behind my reason for committing to the 60day. I work in law enforcement and I believe being fit is a critical component. I also play football in a charity based national first responders football league. Being in my 30s now, it has dawned on me that I need to focus on being fit to protect my body on the field and to keep performing at my best on the job. Those two factors are what drove me to taking the initial steps to join the challenge. What I didn’t realize before I started the challenge was all of the other positive by-products that the 60day was going to bring into my life!

I have never focused on my nutrition like I did during this process. My mentality has always been “I work out a lot so I can eat whatever I want”. Andrew and the 60day resources were able to help get me dialed in to where I realized I was eating for function instead of pleasure. Eating the right foods combined with great workouts has lead me to feeling not only physically fit, but more mentally and emotional fit. I have more energy, motivation and mental clarity now than I have ever had in my life. This challenge has changed not only my fitness lifestyle, but my overall lifestyle. Instead of watching television to fall asleep I began reading books! That’s a big deal because it has been a while since I have read a book that I didn’t have to read. I am sleeping better and wake up feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day!

About five weeks into the 60day I sat down on my couch with a cold pressed juice. I looked at the bottle and noticed the separation of the ingredients and began to shake the bottle vigorously. I opened the bottle, took a sip and thought of how similar I am to the juice. The juice contains all of the great ingredients, but you can’t just open it and take a few sips off the top. You have to shake it up to get those key ingredients that settled at the bottom of the glass. Much like the juice, this 60day shook me up and brought together all the ingredients that we all have and lead me to the best shape I have ever been in my life. Thank you, Andrew and the Life Time 60day!