Omar S.

Gainesville, VA

omar s. holiday 2020

Omar’s Story

My goal for the 60day (my second one) was to drop body fat. I wanted to look leaner. Having been with Life Time for over 2 years I was aware of most of the services offered and I have enjoyed many, However, I had not ever used the services as a “bundled” package before. Meaning I had never used the services all at the same time for the same length of time.  For this 60day, I decided to bundle all the services I wanted and to use them all at the same time and for the same length of time.

From personal training with Jaime and nutrition with Shelby, the Life Clinic with Dr. Tannaz, and Pilates with Pauline, it was the first time I maintained a complete package. I also took advantage of the online classes since I am not much of a group class person.  Creating the bundle and staying with this approach has allowed me, for the first time in my fitness journey, to get below the 18% body fat mark. I was able to drop significantly below that mark and I was able to get all the way down to 16.4% from 21%. That was a major milestone for me.  My fitness journey started with me at 26% body fat and never lower than 19%.

While I may not look as lean as I want; I see now that it is possible and more importantly I can do it with other benefits besides looks.  While utilizing more services that Life Time offers provided me the ability to not just achieve my goal but using the many services also allowed me to stay energized, injury-free all while increasing my functional strength, mobility and balance.  The balance that I was able to find but did not expect did was the balance that allowed me to enjoy the 60day to the point that it became a life routine. I eat better now because working with Shelby allowed me to now have a diet that was less about denial and more about self-accountability and moderation and what was going to work for me and thus allow me to maintain. I now have a gym routine that I was able to schedule around my life (even in these trying times). Now I get up and head to the gym to start my day. I have programs at the gym four days a week that I can block off on my daily calendar. I have a plan. I have a personal training session with Jaime once a week. The other days I work out using what I learned. I have appointments at the Life Clinic with Dr. Tannaz twice a week to make sure I am injury free, mobile, and balanced. I go to Pilates once a week to work on my body connection and core. Throughout the day, I may work through an online class when I need a distraction/break from work and I eat right and track what I eat.

Around day 50 of the 60 Day Challenge, it was no longer a challenge. It was just what I did.