Randall G.

Allen, TX

randall g. holiday 2020

Randall’s Story

My 60day Journey by Randall G.

Like many folks across the country, the COVID Pandemic took a toll on me mentally and physically. My activity was low, my food intake had increased, and I found myself eating and drinking more to pass the time. I had very little room to do so because I was obese and I weighed in originally at 331 pounds before the last challenge that was interrupted by the shutdown and was also diagnosed with pre-diabetes by my doctor. Scared to death with constant leg cramps and numbness at night, a growing medication collection, I decided enough was enough. With support from my wife and family, I finally decided to join Life Time and to start chipping away at my weight.  Unfortunately shortly after joining, the gym facilities in Texas were ordered to shut down by the Governor.  Thankfully in May, the gym reopened and we were able to restart the process. In the beginning, I was wary, but Life Time Allen’s staff kept us safe and had a solid plan for testing and cleaning.

Fast Forward to June, I started getting comfortable and I began visiting the gym again. We started with Upper RX and Edge Cycling and I slowly got into decent shape but I still had a long way to go.  My wife and I were delighted to learn that Life Time honored our original 60day signup and automatically enrolled us in the newest competition.  Soon after I used up my orientation classes, I signed up for group classes.  My goal for this challenge was a 3 percent body fat reduction for the challenge. Eliminating alcohol and actually planning and shopping for the ingredients to the 60day recipes helped us save money, and it allowed us to eliminate the fast food and restaurant meals that made me fat.  The challenge changed our lives because we started cooking again and the recipes were easy to follow and actually tasted good.  After eliminating booze, working out regularly, and eating well, everything fell into line.

The Group Classes were essential to my weight loss. My trainers were energetic and supportive and they helped motivate me to do what I already knew I had to do.  Upper RX with Jennifer, GTX classes with Melissa and Clark, and Alpha with Sarge, Bryce, and Sarah helped me form a solid routine and get my swag back. I want to give an extra special thanks to my Edge Cycling Instructors Ruth and Johnny.  My hate for running on the treadmill led me to the cycling classes, and I can now proudly say that I’m in the best shape of my life and I’m a machine on the stationary bike. So far I’ve dropped 17lbs and reduced my body fat percentage by over 4 percent, thus exceeding my goal.  My lifestyle has completely changed.  I’m eating healthy and loving it. I’m on my way to a more muscular body type and my doctor says I’m diabetes-free.

My plan is to stay the course. Continue with the 60day recipes, and group classes to maintain my gains and continue to chip away more weight.  The recent pricing change to the group classes now allows me to attend an unlimited amount of classes during the week and I frequently attend back to back classes multiple times during the week. My hope is that my story helps to motivate others in similar situations to take control of their situation and go for it.  Simply put, your health is your wealth. My family and I are very happy with our decision to join the gym and this competition.  Life Time Allen is my second home and we are very grateful to everyone that played a part in my personal success. There’s more to come in 2021!