Columbia, MD

Tanya H.

Tanya’s Story

This Holiday Season is the first, in my adult life, in which I actually became leaner, stronger and more flexible. Thank you, 60day! I became a member of Life Time in February, 2019, while still rehabbing from surgery to repair a tibial plateau fracture. I was ready to “graduate” from months of physical therapy.

My surgeon said, “Don’t think of yourself as injured, any longer.  Join a gym!”

With Life Time, good results happened; wheels were in motion.

However, with 60day, I found my stride!

Knowing the holiday season was on the horizon, with the inherent sugary temptations, I decided one of my 60day goals was to maintain my weight.  This would mean turning around poor habits such as eating non-stop sweets and general overindulging, like I had done every other holiday season. Thanks to valuable tips from our Online Coaches, Personal Trainers and Experience Life magazine, new & improved habits made their way in, and stayed! Tending to the little things, each and every day, made the big differences. Sometimes I swung and missed. Early on, some things were hard, but soon they became habit.

Good nutrition and consistent exercise replaced overindulging and feeling lethargic. l lost inches, dropped four sizes and got stronger, over the course of the 60 day program.  Journeying from extra-large to medium has been a surprising, and delightful, byproduct.

I am mentally stronger and have renewed energy.

60day laid such a clear path and provided the steady guidance I personally needed.

I knew I would need accountability and consistency.  60day covered all the bases with healthy recipes, tips, workouts and more.  I felt constant support, right from the start, and goals were achievable. I simply followed the path, stayed the course, and very good results followed. I enjoyed the Journey, but it is not the end.

This total body transformation, of getting leaner and stronger, literally dialed back decades. For fun, at week four, my husband dug deep in my closet and found my absolute favorite clothes from 2009.  They fit me great. By week six I was retrieving clothes I loved, from 2001. This was mind blowing when I would think back to my 60day goal of “maintain… don’t gain due to overeating”.   Now I am fitting my favorite clothes from the 1990’s.  I believe the term is Vintage Fashion, and I am having a lot of fun.

LTF put the pillars in place, for success.  My Pilates instructor, Mike, has helped me rediscover my core. I am thankful to be reacquainted. My flexibility has increased, substantially.   Myelz, my Personal Trainer, understands where I am, and knows where I am going.  Both of my weekly instructors have amazing knowledge of anatomy and skillful use of building blocks!  I am much stronger and healthier for it.  Kudos to the many Personal Trainers who gave their time and energy, leading the various Saturday morning workout sessions. Those sessions gave us a great workout, and an overall sampling of fantastic classes Life Time offers.

I loved the 20% discount that came with the 60day. It made a big difference on my usual purchases of Omega-3 Softgels, and every flavor of whey protein.  I took the “discount opportunity” to get on board with the am/pm women’s multivitamins.  They have been incredibly worthwhile and I plan to continue “investing in myself”, in that way.

Excellent nutrition reigned supreme, during what would otherwise be a season of overindulging and gaining excess weight, due to overeating!  I am confident these are lifelong habits, and business will be taken care of from here on!  I have new found health, happiness, energy and confidence, at 58 years old.

The 60 days are almost over, but it doesn’t mean the end. It is a mere snapshot of the bigger picture. The success I experienced came down to doing the little things. The little things added up to big accomplishments, and a great 60day experience.  60day held me accountable and kept me consistent, throughout the entire season. That was the game changer.  These new habits are for keeps, throughout the year and for my Life Time.

Thank you for your consideration.

(Life Time member since February, 2019, with a Lifetime ahead!)