Tony K.

Beachwood, OH

tony k. holiday 2020

Tony’s Story

I love Life Time.  The facilities, the pools, group fitness, the trainers all are great and have helped me over the past few years to stay fit and healthy.  At the beginning of 2020, I signed up for the 60 challenge, was active at Life Time 6 days a week, loving group fitness, had a family in Alpha class, was starting to lose my winter weight, and was feeling great.  Then like many, I was forced to change my routine due to Covid 19.  I stopped exercising, stopped eating healthy, starting watching a lot of Netflix, and staying up late.  I just kept stepping on the scale and seeing my weight climb up and up. Hardly ever leaving the home, I just wore athletic shorts and sweat pants, but then things opened up at the end of the summer and I needed to go to work meetings.  I went to my closet and none of my nice closes fit. I recall at the end of September I had an important meeting with the Vice President of my company.  The night before the meeting I tried on all my clothes and settled on the fattest pair of dress slacks (2 sizes larger) and still had to have my shirt untucked because I could not button the waist.  I also could not even find a belt and needed to wear a cloth belt that came with some old cargo shorts I found in my fat clothes bin.

What I needed was to go back to the gym.  It had opened up in my state and my club seemed to have good protocols in place to keep people safe and limit the spread of the virus.  Unfortunately, my wife has an autoimmune disorder and my father has been battling cancer and I just did not feel comfortable in any of the group fitness settings.  I needed something to motivate me and help keep me accountable yet also allow me to have some social distancing.  I was so happy to see the email for the, you for you 60day challenge it was exactly what I needed.  I have done several 60day challenges over the years and I think they are great (I think I have 6 or 7 different color wrist bands).

I must say that this was one of the best challenges I have done yet.  I miss the in-person Saturday Sweat Session, the weekly weigh-in, and the one on one session with a trainer, but the fact that I had 6 days a week of workouts plus a recovery walk with motivational instruction was awesome and a great value.  The Life Time training app worked great.  It provided a workout plan to follow with instructional videos and provided accountability with a place to track my workouts, my weight, and all kinds of information. It was like I had a trainer in my pocket. They also had weekly challenges with prizes that provided me extra motivation to stay on track and keep using the app.  After a few workouts I even figured out how to put the video up on the big screen and it was almost like I was back in the studio again doing group fitness.

Bottom line it all worked. It helped motivate me to workout, eat better and I now fit into my paints.

Thank you Life Time!