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Alfonso M.

22.15% weight loss, 54lbs *

*Results not typical

Alfonso M Front

It all began on a cold morning of February 11. I did not know what to expect, what these people were expecting from me or what I was going to do when I was in front of them. I had an appointment with Lana and that was all I knew, and I had to be there because it was a personal commitment that I had made. When I arrived to the club there was a line of people waiting around the area decorated like a beach party. After everyone was registered, we were escorted by a personal trainer to be interviewed and have a consultation. Lana was very kind to me. She asked me about my goals, and what was the purpose of taking this Challenge. Then she explained how Life Time would help me achieve these goals. Until that moment my plan of work had been, “I have to go every morning and run on the treadmill, then go to lift weights and eat less than I was regularly eating.” After the interview I learned that Life Time had many options in order to help me achieve my goals.  She introduced me to TEAM and to personal trainers, she advised me of the sessions with the nutritionist and told me about the supplements and vitamins. At the end of the interview I already had a starting point and a goal set for the end of this Challenge. I started my Challenge weighing 243.8lbs and 33.5% body fat; my goal was to lose 50lbs.

The following Monday I came to Life Time at 5:45 in the morning for my first class of TEAM Weight loss. The simple fact of getting up at that hour of the morning was a big challenge since I always get up at 7:00 am, but it was a commitment that I made. That day I met Colton Franklin, the P.T. who led the weight loss class and at the same time was the personal trainer that I was assigned to. Colton was the person I received the most support from at Life Time Sugarloaf, he made me believe in myself. There were always cheering words and he was always pushing me to the limit, giving me nutrition tips and sending me exercise routines for the days that we did not see each other. Special thanks to you my friend Colton for believing in me and helping me believe in myself.

Life Time also offers you a sampler of all the activities you can do in the gym, they call it “Try-It Tuesday.” It’s a free 1- hour class that helps you know what other options you have that will help you to get ahead in this Challenge: Nutrition, Strength Training, Grocery Store, Cardio, TEAM, Pilates, Metabolic Fix. You can attend all of them and take advantage of all of them. Personally I can tell you I took advantage of TEAM Weight Loss and personal trainer with Colton Franklin, nutrition with Lauren, circuit training with DeAnthony, AMA with Doralis and also bought protein shakes.

My lifestyle is different. I am a healthier person. Before I started the Challenge I was diagnosed with pre-hypertension and ectopic heartbeat, now according to my doctor I have perfect blood pressure. Now I am a self-confident person, and I am stronger than ever.  At the age of 33 years I have the body that I didn’t even have in my college years. Funny thing is I don’t fill my clothes anymore. Went from hardly running 1 mile to running 8 miles daily. I eat healthier and appreciate healthy eating and I am serving as an example for my entire family to look and be healthier, I am sharing my experiences with everybody to be healthy.

I have plans for the future, and I do not think about going back. I already signed up for an obstacle race and will probably enroll in a half marathon.

Today, April 8, the last day of the Challenge, I can tell you that thanks to God and to the support of many people, especially my wife, my children, my mother-in-law and the rest of my family, Life Time Sugarloaf staff, Colton, Lana, Payne, D’Anthony, Lorenzo and Lauren, I have exceeded my goal. My weight at the end of this Challenge is 189.8lbs and 23.7% body fat. My goal was to lose 50lbs. and I lost 54lbs. It’s Goal Overcome. So I encourage you to join in the next Life Time Fitness Challenge. Thank You Life Time