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Jainna D.

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Being 26 years old and 300lbs, I knew I wasn’t living my life the way I was intended to but my unhealthy relationship with food and lack of exercise was leading me to binge eat and rapidly gain weight. I had always been over 200 pounds since I could remember. My regular routine of yoyo dieting had become emotionally debilitating.

At my heaviest, I was seeing the effects of my weight in my everyday living. I would have trouble walking up stairs and would need to take a break or sit down when I got to the top. One day as I was on the phone walking upstairs, I had to make up an excuse to put the person on hold so I could sit down and catch my breath! After, I would feel sorry for myself, crash diet for two weeks and then end up binging.

Today I am so proud to be able to say I have participated and completed three consecutive 60-day challenges. I have dedicated almost a year of my life to becoming healthy. I knew it was my responsibility to change my life and become a healthier version of myself. I took a leap of faith and entrusted a Life Time Fitness personal trainer to coach me through one of the toughest times in my life. During my first training session, I turned blue and almost fainted to the floor! My trainer never let me give up on my goals no matter how difficult the workouts were or how much I wanted to stop. She pushed me hard every week towards success.

After hours of training sessions and pounds lost, today I have lost a total of 120 pounds since my first challenge in Spring of 2016. I am excited to look in the mirror every day and see the person that was hiding under all those layers. I feel free and more enthusiastic about life. I competed in my first Life Time Fitness Indoor Triathlon this year.When I hit that finish line, I couldn’t hold back the tears. I have never truly committed to something and finished it with so much pride and joy. I look forward to my workouts now that I have become a TEAM member at my club and an avid spin class junky! Today I am proud to say that I have created my healthy way of life and Life Time and the 60-Day Challenge have supported me throughout the way.