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Jayme R.

13.17% weight loss, 21.2lbs *

*Results not typical

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I started this journey because if you look at my first weigh in I did in August 2016 up until this challenge I have gained 20+ pounds. Wow. Time really can creep up on you and before you know it BAM – twenty pounds! I went through a divorce and so many changes have had happened during this time I forgot to take care of me. After to turning to food and alcohol for comfort I decided to turn my focus to a healthy way of living instead. It was perfect timing for the 60 Day Challenge to start for me. I needed my healthy lifestyle back after being focused on all the wrong things.

I wanted to work for Life Time during the time I was going through my divorce due to the positive environment as well as I knew this was a facility that would keep me busy, which I needed. This was my escape. My place. I got to block all distractions and/or problems that had surfaced that week or even that day. No one could take this selfish time away from me. I fell in love with the drive to better myself and find out new things I liked or enjoyed. My divorce was one of the hardest things I have experienced but also has made me grow as a person. During this process I relied on the club to be my destination to go when I felt depressed or anxious but then it became when I was happy or excited.


I was doing an hour of cardio a day with abs for hours it seemed! If I did arms, legs and/or back it was all body weight exercises such as pushups, squats, wall sits, planks etc… I did participate in Warrior Sculpt once a week as well as AMP Cycling! Having a mixture of workouts really helped keep it fun! I made sure I walked fast on incline on a treadmill every day for 30 minutes. You can do anything for 30 minutes right?

Landon, my trainer, made sure he didn’t just tell me what to do. He made sure I fully understood why he was telling me what to do. The function, the process, my form and how to really increase the benefits of the movements I was doing. He is truly talented in understanding the complexity of the human body and how to push limits to conquer your goals. I would HIGHLY recommend him to anyone wanting a change. What the best part of him being my trainer was even though he was doing the challenge himself, he was there every day I was. Asking me about my weigh ins, water intake, diet, how I was doing mentally and physically. He was involved and it puts him above most trainers even on a client level. Someone who truly cares about their clients and their well-being, I feel will always go further in their career. This is when a trusting relationship forms and then you see the results. I was so amazed in his knowledge.

For the challenge I kept myself committed by taking a picture every day of my workout, meal, my progress, or anything that was a healthier change for my life so at the end of 60 days I would have a collage of my journey. I felt bad if I didn’t have a picture for the day so it gave me motivation to not miss one. I would post the picture on Snapchat every day to hold myself accountable.

I did testing with Landon to find my AMA as well as training with him. Now that I knew what I had to do physically to lose weight, I knew diet is 80% of work while exercise is 20%. I decided to cut out sugar, alcohol, bread, pasta, potatoes, dairy, soda etc… Literally I ate chicken, white fish, vegetables and some fruit. If I ate fruit it was in the morning so I had all day to burn it off. I had 2 cheat meals (Cheesecake Factory Spicy Chicken Chipotle Pasta & Texas Roadhouse’s bread and butter) and I felt instantly guilty I went and worked out after so no more cheat meals after that!

I am very thankful Life Time offers an opportunity like this to not only help members but employees stay on track. We hear people say they love coming to the club just because of the staff. Life Time has so much to offer members to change their lives. Members just have to stay committed, keep the dedication and crave the change.


I will say since the final weigh in I had a cheat meal and it made me feel sick. My body is used to a healthy way of living just in 60 days that it actually makes me crave healthy food instead of talking myself into eating healthy.

Since doing the challenge my body feels great. I don’t feel sluggish or that miserable full belly I would have in the past from overeating and eating high calorie, high carb and high fat foods. I have some toning to do since I didn’t lift any weights during the whole 60 Day Challenge. That’s for the transformation challenge right?

Knowing it can take ONLY 60 days to be in a different body, different way of thinking and overall a different way of living is mind-blowing. I had an awesome support system from Landon, my trainer, to my best friend Nikki, my workout partner. Without those two I’m not sure I would have been first in the nation based of stats. It truly takes an army to make one person successful. We all did it. Thank you again!