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Cindy W.

Charlotte, NC

Cindy Wood Front


This was not my first attempt at a Life Time 60day. Years ago, I came close to my goal weight but soon after having to take on a second desk job, it was not long before weight creep began. What I have found over the years of working out and giving up is life will always get in the way, so I finally decided to use a motto that has worked in other areas of my life: “If at first you don’t succeed, try try again.” Unfortunately, I think I’ve mastered the try try again part when it comes to losing weight. For the past 3 years when signing up for the 60day, my initial resolve was always strong, but life excuses were stronger.

A year ago, I entered Life Time’s 60day. Working two jobs would be my obstacle. One required a weekly seven hour commute each way. Hard to get that cardio in behind the wheel unless you count my increased heart rate when I hit DC traffic. Weekends I would return to my second job, data entry, where my Fitbit was shelved and snacking by computer side was on the increase along with my waistline. I never even bothered to come in for my final weigh out.  But Life Time is all about second chances with another 60day on the horizon. With my out of town job hours decreased, I entered Life Time’s Fall 2017 60day and was ready to get back in shape. I was on a roll to get rid of the roll, but life once again decided to throw a curve ball. My dad who had battled WWII was now battling life. Hospital duty became necessary. I opted for the night watch where I learned how sleep affects one’s health (mine was deteriorating) but my only focus was on my dad. We lost him a week after Thanksgiving.

It would not be until February 2018 that emotionally and physically I could return to my resolve to get in shape and I used my dad as my inspiration. Healthy living allowed him 97 years of life. I had the time now and was excuse free. All that would stop me was me and my newly acquired arthritis in my right shoulder not to mention bad knees. But with my doctor’s okay that moderate exercise would help, I would not let my physical issues become my excuse. Using Life Time’s D.TOX, my successful jump starter, I saw an immediate weight loss, mostly water weight followed by the dreaded plateau. Getting on the scale day after day seeing little to no change despite a healthy diet/exercise, it’s easy to get discouraged. But I could not afford to get discouraged. This year had to be different; it would be the last year in my 50s. Losing weight has been difficult and I couldn’t imagine the 60s being any easier. I was committed this time, my life depended on it. At over 170 pounds on a 5-foot frame, I feared my high cholesterol/blood pressure and pre-diabetic numbers would return. So stuck scale or not, I would stick it out. I completed my metabolic assessment which, by the way, is only step one; using the results is the important part. What I noticed is while I thought I was pushing myself, I never got my heart rate up to a point I was actually burning fat. With some slight changes, I began seeing results and the scale began to move in a direction I had not seen in several years. Also with my Life Time trainer’s advice I made sure to incorporate weight training. While I consider myself competitive, this 60day was different. I knew I could not reach my fitness goals in only two minutes, but I knew I could use this 60day to give me that much needed jump-start.

The 60day is over and I am excited about my 25-pound weight loss, 16 percent decrease in my body fat, 6-inch decrease in my waistline and an added bonus, my so-called arthritis in my right shoulder is gone. I am now convinced what was diagnosed as arthritis was just severe inflammation in that shoulder joint from bad eating/nonuse. I now know the foods causing my joints to hurt (thanks to the Life Time testing) and now that I can reach the top shelf again with my right arm, I won’t be reaching for those wrong foods and wouldn’t trade the way I feel for anything someone could put on my plate. While the 60day is over, Life Time has helped me established a routine I can maintain for my final 25-pound weight loss and easily transition into a lifelong commitment to health. I owe a lot to Life Time for my successes. I have been a member of many gyms in my lifetime, but Life Time is truly in a class of its own with trainers/staff there for you all the time and a fun, family atmosphere making coming enjoyable. Life Time offers many group classes throughout the day allowing me each week at least 5 days of cardio (mainly spin class) and 4 days of strength training (Life Barre/Barbell Strength).

If I could offer any words of encouragement to those in their 50’s or older, it would be that it’s never too late to get in shape. It may not be easy but it’s possible. Having the right motivation helps, but having the right plan is critical. As far as the stuck scale syndrome, I look forward to reaching my goal and having that scale stuck on my ideal weight!