Finalists / Melanie H

Melanie H.

Vaughan, ON

Melanie Horton Front

The spring 60day came at a perfect time for me to take my fitness goals to the next level. With the holidays over and summer just around the corner, and the thought of wearing shorts and swimsuits, it was time to step up my game. I walked into Life Time one cold evening, and was greeted by Coach Andrew who was so enthusiastic about the 60day that I couldn’t say no! He is definitely passionate about helping people make positive changes and was a great motivator for me throughout the 60day.

My goals were to get as lean as possible and increase my cardiovascular fitness. We started out with a metabolic assessment to help get a good sense of my calorie requirements so that we could put together a good nutrition program for the 60 days.

I have always loved weight training but struggle with my stamina and I really wanted to increase my cardiovascular endurance. I am finding as I get older it takes a little bit longer to recover so I also wanted to make sure I was choosing the right exercises. For me, it was the spin classes that really made a huge difference in my transformation.  I made the EDG and PWR cycle classes a regular part of my weekly routine. Instructor Gabby has been particularly helpful in keeping me motivated. Even on the days when my energy was low and I really didn’t feel like exercising, Gabby brought such positive energy and enthusiasm to the class that I couldn’t help but push myself to do my very best each time I got on the bike. The Life Time spin classes are truly exceptional and based on the regular turnout, it is no surprise why these classes are so popular at our club.

The weight started to come off quickly and with a fairly strict but balanced diet, I was able to get my body fat to my lowest level ever! As a working mom of two teenagers, with very busy schedules, it really takes a high level of commitment to make your own health and fitness a priority. The 60day gave me a wonderful goal to work towards, and helped me to stay on track.

I am thrilled with my transformation and have been so inspired by all of the other club members who have achieved some amazing results over the past two months! And I am grateful to the entire Life Time Vaughan staff who have been so supportive and motivating throughout this journey.