Finalists / Robert P.

Robert P.

Gilbert, AZ

Robert Pack Front

My name is Robert, I am 29 years old, from Gilbert, Arizona, and I just completed my first 60day. This journey was not to win a prize or to beat anyone else; it was to get my life back. I set out from day one with the goal to get in better health. As I went through this life-changing journey, not only did I accomplish achieving better health, but the 60day was much more for me.

Growing up I played multiple sports year around, exercising was not something I thought about, it was normal for me. I never worried about what I ate, when I ate, or how much I ate. As the years went on sports began to slow down and eventually I was playing softball a few times a month at best. The less physical activity I did, with getting older and not changing how I ate, I began to put on weight quickly. One day I woke up and realized just how lazy I had gotten over time. Being only 29 years old that worried me for what could happen if I continued living my life the same way. I began thinking about joining a gym, but it always turned into tomorrow. I would tell myself I will go tomorrow and sign up. Eventually, enough was enough and I had to make a change. I forced myself to go sign up. From that moment I decided I would work hard to change my life for the better. The timing was perfect, the 60day was set to start about two weeks later. It sounded like the perfect motivation to keep me going. That is where my journey to better health and a happier life begins.

I started out by joining the TEAM Burn class. The exercises and cardio were fantastic for my goals. You have an experienced trainer guiding you through each session making sure you are working hard and smart, but most importantly doing things correctly. Having this class focus more on cardio was exactly what I needed to get started, and the motivation from the community around me was so energizing. I eventually moved up and began TEAM Cut, which worked well building more muscle while I toned down. Having the ability to do the class that fits my specific needs was a huge asset to my success. I may or may not have become a little obsessed with these awesome classes, and look forward to trying Alpha in the future as I am now confident that I can. From the beginning not only did I have the trainer I signed up with, but each trainer in the facility was in my corner. I can’t walk through the fitness floor without getting a fist bump or high five from one of the friendly professionals you guys have on your staff.

I was taught by Rafa that I needed to focus on recovery as much as I focus on my workouts. He taught me that I needed to incorporate more into my routine than just TEAM classes. So, taking his advice I combined them with workshops, yoga and cycle classes and I was well on my way to my goals. One of my biggest steps was taking the time to do a Metabolic Assessment. Being able to find out my correct zones, I was able to work in the proper ranges for my goals. I used to think that going harder was better as it burned more calories, but this taught me an actual scientific approach to adapting my metabolism to work for me instead of against me. I only wish I would have done it sooner!

Sitting down with my trainer from the start I was able to get a great idea on how to balance my diet throughout the 60 days. I was even able to communicate with multiple trainers throughout the process to become more educated about my nutrition habits, and the importance of taking vitamins and fish oils. They helped me by using the MyZone Questionnaire to identify the best supplements for my body. I never took supplements because I never felt different when I did, but Life Time’s line is different. When I take these products I feel better energy, motivation and overall focus. I never realized how important it was to pay attention to inflammation in my body and fish oil is a huge part in helping with that.

Changing my diet played a huge role in my weight loss by learning about different foods and how to eat properly. By learning how much protein I should eat, what sorts of vegetables are best to balance out a meal, I now understand how important it is to have regular meals throughout the day as well as the importance of eating clean natural food over the processed easy-button versions. I am happy I not only met my goals but I surpassed them. I did not do it all by myself. All the hard work was guided by the great trainers and I want to thank each and everyone one of them at the Gilbert, Arizona club for helping me get to where I am. I set out to find a marginal health improvement during this time frame. I ended up finding myself, my confidence and my passion for health and fitness. I will recommend the 60day to every member I have a chance to speak to as I truly think it is the motivation anyone can use. Over all my 60day experience was fantastic! I feel better, I look better, and I cannot wait to see what is next.