Finalists / Sue B

Sue B.

Novi, MI

Sue Baldwin Front

I am so very thankful for the 60day and the encouragement that came from the team. The regular emails with recipes, motivation/inspirations, workouts and especially Lyndsey’s guidance, not only did I survive, I thrived. The commitment and discipline, which weren’t easy, made for a remarkable change. From reviewing my weight, inches, and even photo, significant measurable improvements are evident. WOW!! Anything is possible when you have the will, accountability partners providing encouragement and the determination to get back on track after a “holiday.” I exceeded my measurable goals, and laid some great groundwork for future challenges. Having had such exciting results, I am destined to become a 60day regular.

Our 60day guide was Lyndsey Crofoot, and boy did we hit the jackpot! Lyndsey brought daily excitement, encouraging words, and new ideas to every workout. She checked on us with personal emails and texts regularly to keep the program moving. She provided ancillary reading or e-learning tools along with reference material to help sharpen our resolve and keep our interests engaged. She too worked hard on her own 60day to set an inspiring tone for us all. And best of all, she ALWAYS wore a huge smile to brighten our days! Lyndsey is far more than a trainer . . . she is a coach, friend and inspiration. We both intend to keep visiting her for personal workouts and new training ideas.

But that is only half the story! The exhilaration I experience as my goals are met, results in an energy that keeps me moving, smiling and approaching everything all day long with a positive attitude. This increase in strength has impacted me both personally and professionally . . . these are the REAL benefits that came from our 60 days. To my great delight, my husband agreed to undertake the 60day with me. It was so much fun working on this together and pushing each other to persevere. Observing his pride in our mutual success, and knowing how happy he is to see me be the best I can be makes every rep worth the effort. And as the mom of three grown boys, it is indescribable to hear them say, “Hey Mom, you’re in great shape, look at those ‘guns’!” . . .  what could be better motivation to continue the quest?

To conclude, I am so very blessed to have found the Life Time 60day. Your team has helped me take huge strides toward being the best version of me. My new healthy life is off to a great start, and I feel absolutely contagious with the newfound spirit of wellbeing!