Finalists / Tim B.

Tim B.

Tempe, AZ

Tim Berry Front

As a chubby kid, I had always dreamed of being in shape. I dabbled with weight training while in my teens. Unfortunately, my interests leaned toward more unhealthy activities. For the next couple decades, drinking and partying took center stage in my life. As the years ticked by, the control the substances had over my life grew more severe.

The consequences were extreme. After decades of the party lifestyle, overindulgence and obesity, I suffered a massive heart attack. It was a month after my 40th birthday. My prognosis at the time was concerning, so they implanted a cardiac defibrillator and pacemaker. The following few years were filled with failed attempts at getting sober, and changing my lifestyle. These failures were accompanied with consequences which included losing everything including my business, my marriage and my home. In 2008, I was financially, mentally, spiritually and physically bankrupt; hopeless and homeless!

Then, on October 24, 2009, I gave my life over to a program that helped me turn my life around. This was the beginning of a complete mental, spiritual and physical evolution. As I worked to improve my world, I started to work out on a regular basis. Admittedly the progress was slow. Then in 2012, at my wife’s recommendation, we joined Life Time in Tempe, AZ. I was really drawn to Life Time’s mind, body, spirit atmosphere. It was this aura that boosted my motivation into a higher gear and I started seeing solid improvements!

In 2014 I experienced an unfortunate setback. I was sidelined with atrial fibrillation; a serious heart condition. I spent most of the next 2 years trying to get it under control. Finally through much research of alternative treatment methods, I was finally able to manage and get back to more fulfilling training.

The spring 2018 60day was just the motivation I needed to see what I was capable of physically! Under the expert guidance of guru and training partner Nate Moses, we started on the journey. The plan was to utilize the advanced scientific testing tools offered at Life Time. We started with an Active Metabolic Assessment to evaluate my level of conditioning. Armed with this valuable information, we made our game plan.

The diet consisted of a combination of ketogenic, carbohydrate cycling and intermittent fasting, adjusted as needed, based on my progress. My training base was weight lifting and cardio. Nate used his expertise to modify my training in order to accommodate the severe osteoarthritis in my knees. The program called for weight training and was 5 days a week, alternating muscle groups. Cardio was customized around the AMA data, using high intensity interval training (HIIT) and by targeting my heart rate zones. Frequency and duration were based on my progress throughout the 8 weeks as well.

The use Life Time supplements definitely also had a huge impact on my success. The Grass-Fed Whey Protein was a daily staple as a meal in my diet. The Performance Stack with the BCAAs and Pre-Workout helped energize me through the daily grueling workouts, while ensuring optimum recovery. Another integral component of my success was the Life Time Cafe! As a business owner with a demanding schedule, the ultra-healthy premade and cook to order meals were a life saver. I was a daily customer!

So, after decades of challenges in my own attempts to be healthy and in shape, the Life Time 60day finally helped me to achieve a dream birthed in the heart of a child. I am finally the fit, healthy person I have always wanted to be.