Brigitte M.

Lake Houston, TX

Brigitte M

For the past year and a half I have been living with shame. This 60 Day Challenge was not my first rodeo! Oh no… On my 27th birthday, I was the perfect BMI in December of 2017. For two years, I had been eating clean and exercising. Thanks to my hard work, I had accomplished a goal not many people can claim. I had lost 100 lbs. I had been maintaining my weight loss for a good 6 months until my husband and I were suddenly relocated to Dallas from Houston for his job. My routine was thrown off, and in less than a year, I had gained all 100 lbs back. A deep sense of shame overwhelmed me from this embarrassing weight gain.

Many people had looked up to me as inspiration when I had lost the weight. I was representing a healthy lifestyle and had motivated so many people to get started on their own weight loss journeys. I felt a certain pressure to be a role model for others. People had trusted my advice and guidance. However, with the weight gain and the loss of control over my eating habits, I felt like a fraud. I became more reclusive, hiding from the friends and family that knew me. I was so afraid and ashamed of my body. I didn’t know how to face anyone who had known me during my weight loss journey. The thought of seeing their face wrinkle in disgust and judgement shook me to the core and it propelled me even more towards eating my feelings.

When I reached my all-time highest weight for the second time of my life, I knew I had to do something. Moreover, I knew that this second time around, I was going to need help. So I joined my local Life Time Fitness gym. I loved the clean atmosphere, the energy in the air, the friendly people, and the wide assortment of unlimited group fitness classes. I was excited to get started and immediately jumped on the Fall 2018 60 Day Challenge. A few weeks into my 60Day, I found myself struggling and, quite quickly, found myself avoiding the gym and eating my feelings once again. Needless to say, I didn’t finish that first challenge. I didn’t even bother writing a story. Shame. Once more, I let shame dictate my decisions.

Yet, that number on the scale would not let up. I could not allow my life to run at the sluggish, painful pace that it did with an extra 100 lbs. It constantly loomed over me, threatening to cause my sleep apnea and pre-diabetes which I had reversed to come back. I could not allow my health to deteriorate and this motivated me to get up, brush myself off, and try again.

I signed up for a second 60 Day Challenge with the plan to really take advantage of everything that it offers. I started with an Essentials Lab Test and met with a Registered Dietician about my blood results. This was a much needed step to see what my health really looked like beyond the external. I worked with my wonderful Personal Trainer Amber who taught me proper form and how to use many of the intimidating machines at the gym. I tried out Pilates One-On-One, loved it and immediately registered for more classes. I tried every single Try-It Tuesday and Sampler Saturday offered by the 60 Day Challenge for free. I also devoured and harnessed the information provided by their nutrition guide and meal plans. When I wasn’t at the gym trying Slowburn yoga with Celeste or EDG cycle with James, I was trying one of the wonderful workouts from the 60 Day Challenge workout plan. Half-way in, I realized I needed to take my workouts up a notch. James was kind enough to offer me a great deal on the Active Metabolic Assessment which showed me what heart rate zones I needed to focus on for maximum fat burn. I also enjoyed GTX Cut with the handsome Brady who was also a great motivator!

I am so grateful to have met all of these wonderful trainers! But even more wonderful than the trainers, were the other challengers like myself. I am so happy that I had the opportunity to meet the other people who signed up for this amazing 60 day experience. I even started a private 60 Day Challenge Facebook group for my challenger mates so that we could all share our progress and support each other. In this way, we helped each other continue all the way to the end of the 60 Day Challenge. However, this is only the beginning of my journey.

The best gifts the 60 Day Challenge has given to me is my confidence back and a new-found support system. Life Time Fitness has finally lifted my shame and I no longer feel the need to hide from people. I am once again, proud of what I have done and what my stronger, leaner body can do. I feel comfortable seeing my friends and family again. I may not have lost all 100 lbs… yet, but I’m excited to continue my path towards better health and greater strength. Shame no longer has a place in my life. I have learned that no matter what weight I am, I am still the same woman. It is that same woman that lost 100 lbs, that can and will again transform her body and life. Heck, I think my 29th birthday will be my best body and health yet!