Danielle D.

Pickerington, OH

Danielle D

One word to describe my overall goal/focus for this 60day: Grit. Of course I set specific measurable goals to track my progress (get to under 20% body fat, set more personal records, and be able to do an unassisted pull up), but more than that, I wanted to continue to develop Grit. This is my second go at the 60 Day Challenge so I knew what I was getting into and am much more knowledgeable than I was the first time around, I was aiming for a club win and to hopefully become a national top 10 qualifier! I had quite a ways to go though! With the holidays being the most stressful and crazy time for me at work, I was going to gym way less and my nutrition was AWFUL. This 60 Day Challenge was my boot camp to a better me!

Until a year ago, I had never set foot in a gym. I was too intimidated by the thought. I had no idea what all that crazy looking equipment was for and thought of cardio as my arch nemesis. I reached a point though where my health was really starting to decline. I was suffering from anxiety, chronic migraines, lack of energy, etc and it all continued to get worse in severity and frequency. I fell into the same routine as so many others, overwhelmed with everything in life and ate what was convenient, not what was healthy. My eating habits, or on really busy days, lack there of… had become bad enough that my boss (a registered dietitian) had started referring to me as being on her “nutrition at risk” list. I knew I needed to change!

Since my first visit to Life Time Fitness, my Personal Trainer Andrew McGovern has been coaching me and pushing me to achieve what I would have thought to be impossible for me to accomplish. Andrew inspired me to participate in my second 60 Day Challenge to serve a post holiday catalyst in helping to get me into the best shape I have ever been in! We started a three day a week strength program, coupled with two days a week of core work and metabolic conditioning from the AMA we did together to help with my recovery and additional fat loss. We also used the data from my RMA to develop a specific nutrition plan with strategic nutrition supplementation for my wants and needs.

I began this journey weighing over 165lbs with 30% body fat – I now look and feel the best I ever have, losing over 15 fat pounds and obtaining that ever elusive under 20% body fat! While also recording my highest muscle mass reading on the InBody of 67.7lbs (thats a total of 8.8lbs of muscle I’ve gained since starting my fitness journey with Life Time and Andrew). I was able to set PR’s in my Squats, Deadlifts, Hip Thrusters, AND I can now officially say I’m able to do unassisted pull ups for reps!

I can’t even begin to express my gratitude for all the knowledge and support Andrew has given me and all of the Grit he has helped me develop. On top of the provided 60 Day resources that are already amazing and incredibly detailed, Andrew created a 60 Day support group with all of his clients who participated. Not only was Andrew there to answer questions and offer guidance every step of the way, but also connected us as a group, encouraging us to workout together and to support each other. I especially enjoyed this since my work schedule prevented me from being able to attend the 60 Day group trainings offered so I still had a way to connect with others in the Life Time community.

Finishing out of this 60 Day, I feel AMAZING! I was given all the tools I needed to achieve my goals AND continue my success. The recipes and resources provided as well as the encouraged Life Time supplements are awesome and I am excited to keep using and exploring more. I am also able to make more educated decisions based on all of this information. I am the strongest I have ever felt! I can now say that have Grit and know how to thrive using it!

I am so glad that I chose Life Time Fitness. I have gained much more that just a gym, I have an entire support system, a wide variety of classes and resources, and great supplements to support me as well. Thanks for empowering me to fuel my fitness!!