Josh H.

Green Valley, NV

Joshua H

My journey began because of my wife, actually I’m a member of Life Time fitness because of her.  We became members of Lifetime not more than a few weeks before the 60 day challenge began.  My wife thought it would be great for her and our daughter to become members so she would be able to work out while our daughter could play with other children and take a class that she enjoyed.  I was already a member of another gym but I liked the idea being able to go with them both to Life Time.  After becoming members we did our boarding pass meeting and during that time my wife met a trainer named Darran Hall.  She told me about him and how he seemed great and knew what he was doing.  A couple weeks passed and we keep seeing signs for the 60 day challenge.  I never thought much about it but my wife brought up doing as like a “jump start” to our new lifestyle change.  I wasn’t very interested in it but I encouraged her to join.  We went over to ask some questions about the challenge and it was Darran that we spoke to.  He told us all about the challenge and encourage us both to do it and be on his team.  He explained how he wants to train people for the challenge that are dedicated and motivated and if we were willing to put in the work he would put in the work as well.  He told us he would train us for the 60 days for free as long as he were putting in the work.

Right then my mind set changed.  I’m the type of person that loves a challenge and push myself to meet the goals I set and right then I set my goal of 10% body fat.  I knew I was about to change, but I never expected our life as a family to change like it did; to change for the better.  We began working with Darran the next day, he pushed us in ways I never thought about.  He would mix strength training with super sets and cardio HIIT elements.  I found myself gasping for air, body limp from exhaustion, and I couldn’t wait to do it again.  Unfortunately I work 12-14 hours a day 5 days a week so working out with Darran wasn’t something I could do as often as I liked.  I would go into the gym at 4am so I could make sure and get my workout in each day.  I would focus my workouts based on things I learned from Darran and he would give me things to do on my own.  I began changing the way I would push myself.

I changed my diet to go along with my new lifestyle.  It was perfect for my wife and I because we focused on eating cleaner and better and not on a hardcore diet that we wouldn’t be able to maintain once this challenge was over.  Our portions shrank and we cut out fast food and high caloric items.  I focused on more protein and veggies and less high starchy carbs.  The change in my diet made me feel better.  I had more energy with my new lifestyle and less digestive issues which have plagued me my whole life.

I began seeing a change in my body after a couple weeks.  I was becoming more muscular and I noticed my wife looking at me with “that look” more.  I really liked that feeling and noticing these things made me want to work harder.  My body fat kept dropping and muscle mass kept building.  Unfortunately I got sick with 2 weeks left for the challenge.  I ended up losing almost 10lbs and 3lbs of muscle in 1 week.  I was unable to eat and what I did would come back up.  It was devastating to me, I felt that all the hard work I had put in for the last 6 weeks were for not.  How could I reach my goal or compete in this contest now after losing so much weight with such little time left.  I got back in the gym and began slowly pushing myself again with less than a week left.  I realized at that point I had met my goal, the original goal for signing up for the 60 day challenge was to “jump start” a lifestyle change.  My life style has changed, I look forward to going to the gym. My new diet and the way I eat is normal for me now.  We are still planning my days off around going to the gym.  We are healthier as a family and truly are closer.  It was something that not just my wife and I would look forward to but my 3 year old daughter also.  She made friends at the kids club and loves going to the classes.  She now wakes up and asks to go to the gym.  We signed up for the gym for a lifestyle change and we got one.  This new life I have is what I have been wanting.  We are healthier and happier as a family and I don’t ever want to go back to the way it was.