Kate W.

Burlington, MA

Kate W

My primary goal in joining the 60 Day was to eat a cleaner diet and form more consistent exercise habits that I could sustain for a healthier lifestyle.  When I started the 60 Day, my goal was to lose 5 lbs and lower my body fat percentage by 4%.  I surpassed my goals!  I’m thrilled with the changes to my body composition, but I am even more excited about the healthy habits that I have started.  I’m faster and stronger than I thought I could be after only 60 days, and I am determined to continue this lifestyle and set fitness goals to see what more I can accomplish!

Before joining the 60 Day a friend of mine said to me, “Maybe this is just your new normal!” while we were discussing our weight and fitness level. After having three kids, I was feeling out of shape and out of control of my health.  I could not accept that my current level of fitness and my current pant size were here to stay or possibly even get worse.  Over the past ten years I have worked on and off but have always put my family’s health and happiness first. Although I would never trade this time I’ve been fortunate enough to spend with my children, I have lost myself in all of the hullabaloo of kids, home and family.  My meals often consisted of leftovers off of my children’s plates, with very little planning or thought.  I felt run-down and constantly craving more unhealthy food, with little time or motivation to change the status quo. On my birthday in January, I decided to give myself a gift and I joined Life Time. I quickly realized that after going to the gym, I was coming home happier and able to be a better mom, wife, and friend.

I joined the 60 Day because it sounded like a great opportunity to focus on my health and to have a direction and a clear plan to get my fitness back on track.  I especially loved the meal plan and easy recipes.  It has saved so much time and took the guesswork out of figuring out what and how much to eat, which has always been my greatest obstacle to losing weight.  For my 60 Day complementary class I chose GTX CUT with Ashley D. The only spot available that would fit my schedule was in the 5am class.  I decided to try it since it would only be one week of waking up super early.  I am so fortunate that the 5am class was the one in which I ended up. I surprisingly loved getting up early and having a couple hours of “me time” to get in a good workout, a shower (which is a feat each day when you have three kids at home), and to start off the day feeling like I already accomplished so much.  Ashley D. was such an inspiring coach and talented trainer, and she made me want to push myself to see what I could achieve.  Throughout this challenge, I have continued to go to Life Time at 5am and I love it! Waking up to Shane and Jenn S. motivating us through BARBELL, Ashley S.’s high energy early-morning SHRED, and Al and Jenn S.’s cycling classes have driven me to reach and surpass my goals for this 60 Day.  Ashley S. encouraged me to incorporate yoga into my workout regimen and now FIRE is part of my rotation as well.

I have to admit that I have been very motivated by the idea of a “competition” and actually having the chance to work my butt off and possibly even be a winner! Since I was an athlete growing up, and I had a career as a lawyer before slowing down to have a family, it feels exhilarating to have that extra motivation that one only gets when pushing yourself to not only be your best, but to possibly have those efforts recognized by others. Unfortunately moms don’t often get praise (or even acknowledgment!) for the work we put in every day while trying to raise happy, kind, and healthy little people. I had no idea that the 60 Day would give me such a sense of pride in myself and my accomplishments.