Lisa I.

Pickerington, OH

Lisa I

This 60-day Challenge was not my first but definitely my most successful.  I made seven personal goals for myself right from the beginning.  I was an active participant and worked hard to achieve these goals rather than just going through the motions as in past challenges   My goals were tracking daily macros, one cheat meal AKA “date night” per week, no margaritas, attend every Try-It Tuesday, weight loss, body fat loss, and a 7-minute mile.

I couldn’t have reached any of my goals without the daily encouragement I received from Fitness Trainer Andrew and the many tools that Life Time offers.

Daily Macros –  I did the Resting Metabolic Assessment several months ago but never tracked my macros.  I knew I had to start if I wanted to be successful.  When I shared my goals with Andrew, he suggested I text him my macro counts daily.  I did this for a week to get me started and then felt like it was bothersome so I told Andrew that I’d just text him my macros on “date night”.   He insisted it was not a bother, so I texted him my macros the entire 60 days.  I can’t express enough what that meant to me since I struggle with staying on track.

Date Night –  I learned to plan ahead to keep me on track.   I realized during the challenge that this is something I can do to help me make better choices when dining out.  I now have confidence that I can continue this practice in the future.

Margaritas – I gave up margaritas during the challenge.  I know that if I’d not shared this with Andrew I would have used a lot of my carb macros on margaritas instead of healthy options.  It is amazing how much better I feel and how much better my workouts are.  I sleep better at night and I definitely have more energy.

Try-It Tuesdays – I attended every Try-It Tuesday even though in my own mind several of them were a repeat of what I already knew or was currently doing.  I found it was actually refreshing and motivating to attend each one.   I got a chance to meet new people, have a refresher course on things I knew but also gave me a chance to try NEW things!  The classes were led by George who was always very motivating and upbeat.  There were a few Tuesdays that I struggled to go but forced myself to and was glad I did.  For me, it was a mid-week check-in and a way to stay focused and on track.

Weight Loss – I came so close but didn’t quite reach this goal.  This will be “my after”!  I will continue with the healthy habits I’ve made during this challenge.

Body Fat Loss – It was slow and grueling but I exceeded the goal I set for myself and was so proud!   I attend Andrew’s Alpha Met Con class three days a week and the complimentary Boot Camp held on Saturdays.  With Andrew’s guidance and confidence in my ability I am doing circuits and reps that I never thought I’d be able to do.  Andrew’s knowledge in fitness and kind spirit make it a joy to attend his class.

7-minute mile – This was a last minute goal I made for myself the night of the first Try-It Tuesday.  When Andrew jokingly commented that he wanted to see a 7-minute mile, I thought “why not try”!  Although I didn’t make the 7-minute mile during the 60 days I will continue to work hard to reach this goal.

Life Time offers many tools to help reach your goals, whatever they might be.  The 60-day Challenge, Lean and Tone and Dtox all offer great recipes to fit any palate, workouts to do at home or away from home, and motivational tips.  In addition to doing all three classes at one time or another, I also use a variety of Life Time’s protein powders. I recently did the Active Metabolic Assessment and purchased the heart rate strap so I now use the cardio workouts that are on the Life Time app.  This adds variety to my cardio workouts and my heart rate is always visible.  Last but not least, I love the Yoga classes and sauna.  It is a great way to end a workout or even a work week.

I’d recommend the 60-day Challenge to anyone who is just starting their health and fitness journey, or someone like me who needed to get back on track.