Matthew F.

Shelby Township, MI

Matthew F

This 60 day was really important to me.  I just got married in September, and while I was happy with my weight loss at the time (280-235), I wanted to get to a place where I looked and felt healthy.  I set a goal of body fat and weight loss and I worked closely with my 60-day coach Adam, as well as my Alpha Met-Con trainer Dylan.  Adam supported me with getting my nutrition to a level that would support fat loss without muscle loss, and his suggestions were counter-intuitive and extremely helpful.  Dylan has been an excellent trainer for the entire time I have worked with him.  His Alpha Met-Con class keeps me doing cardio and weight training.  He also helped me with my form outside of class so that I could push further with my compound lifts.  I was eating better, visiting the gym more often, getting more out of each visit, and on top of it all, I was feeling better and more confident.  People at my work noticed my weight loss, family and friends also noticed and were very supportive of me.  Everyone I speak to on a regular basis had questions about how I did it, what they could do differently, and what helped me make the change.

What helped me make the change was a combination of several things.  There was a level of self-loathing I had as I had fallen into complacency with my body.  I wanted to push myself through that so I linked my Lenten goals to the 60-day challenge and pushed myself to take full advantage of everything I had at my disposal to improve myself.  I set Lenten goals of fasting and self-denial.  Integrated my fitness into my prayer life, and worked with my 60-day coach Adam to learn how to best approach Lenten fasting while not losing muscle mass.  He gave me a list of supplements to take to support my body during fasting days as well as how much food and what kinds of foods I should eat the rest of the time.  Being a bit more strict with my diet, avoiding fast food and snacks, and pushing myself to seek out the healthier options had me feeling healthier than ever.  I was visiting the gym 3 times a week for Alpha Met-Con classes and I could feel myself getting stronger, pushing heavier weight, and running and rowing faster.  I was visiting the gym additionally on the weekends for compound lifting, yoga and an extra class that my 60-day coach Adam was hosting to support his team.

Moving forward I intend to push myself to not only maintain my current body weight and body fat but continue the current trend and get to a point where I am truly happy to look in the mirror.  I intend to reach a point where I can focus on building muscle instead of just losing fat and gaining strength and dexterity.