Randy R.

Des Moines, IA

Randy R

Prior to the 60 Day, I was a regular LifeTime user but more or less just going through the motion.  Not really finding exact ways of finding better results.  Plus at times, my heart was not in it or not paying real attention to any nutrition. I’m 58 years old! It seemed my body is not responding as it used to. The waistline was slowing growing where I did not like what I saw in the mirror.

As I was walking through the LifeTime in January, I ran into Trainer, Amy Houston.  I noticed She was looking great and very lean and fit.  After discussing what she had been doing, I mentioned I would love to have those kinds of results.  She suggested that I take the LifeTime 60 Day Challenge that was coming up. After Amy gave me more information on the 60 Day, I decided to take the challenge and enrolled.

Part of the benefits in enrolling in the 60 Day was that I would receive a session with either a trainer or nutritionist. I choose the nutritional side of things as I was aware that nutrition is 80% to 85% of the battle in achieving the transformation and the results you want. In addition, I was still lacking the proper education of good nutritional health. This is where I was introduced to the LifeTime Nutritionist, Jennifer Prymek!

In order to stay focused, I used fitness and nutritional apps to log and track all food intake.  I found this was very valuable to know exactly where I was at any time of the day with my micronutrients.  I had many conversations with Jennifer regards the proper food to take and the right amounts.  It was also important towards the last part of the 60 Day that this would change. I experimented initially in adapting to what my body would appropriately respond to.  As I continued to tweak my micronutrients, I started not only weight loss but a reduction in body fat.  With a daily intense weight resistance program (one body part a day) I was able to not only maintain but gain in muscle mass at the same time.

Through the initial workouts and nutritional plan I saw good results.  However, there were a few “short-lived” setbacks.  At one point in the 60 Day, I had gained back body fat percentage points and lost muscle mass.  Again, in speaking with Jennifer, we realized that I was not eating enough protein and my body was going into more of a survival mode.  Once we tweaked the micros and calorie count the results were back on track.  Each week, during the weigh-in, I saw a reduction in body fat which was pure motivation for me! To know what I was doing and giving me the belief in that the system and process was really working.  Secondly, at one point, I slightly pulled a tendon in my tricep.  Amy forwarded me a few workaround exercises until I was back up and healed.

Approximately, halfway through the 60 Day, I elected to take advantage of other service that LifeTime offers.  I underwent a Resting Metabolic Assessment (RMA).  I found that it optimized weight management and body composition that tells me how many calories my body burns naturally.  The analysis reflected that I was burning 2558 calories per day at rest.  As per Jennifer, these results were largely due to my current nutritional intake and conditioning.

This information was important to receive and review as it allowed me to properly know if you are setting your micronutrients correctly.

In conclusion, this is the best fitness challenge I’ve ever completed.  I went from not wanting to look in the mirror to “Bring on summer and lets hit the beach”!  I found this was the best way to find my old self again.  My energy is through the roof! I have no aches or joint pain.

Growing up I’ve always been somewhat thin but never been able to develop abs.  Not until now through the 60 Day Challenge and proper education, have I been able to develop abs as I have now.  At age 58!!  I can actually see them.  Even my adult daughter commented: Man Dad! You have a 6 pack!  It was an awesome day to go into the mall and purchase size 30 inch waist jeans.  I have not done that since high school.  As soon as I walk in the door, my friend and family comment on my transformation.  They want to know everything I’m doing.

What is next?  I’m planning on continuing my personal goal of reaching 7% body fat. Due to the 60 Day I’m only 1% percent away! In my entire life, I’ve have never been under 10% let alone 7%.  After that point, I would like to continually maintain between 10%-11% body fat while continuing to gain in muscle mass.  I’m certainly not going to let this fade back after all the hard work I’ve put in.

Finally, I would like to thank the staff at LifeTime, especially, Amy Houston and Jennifer Prymek. This has been truly a team effort.  One, I will never forget.  I feel like I’m in my 20s again.  However, back in my 20s, I did not look this good!