Ron D.

Mississauga, ON

Ron D

I sure have learned a lot over these last 60 days. One – how not to lock myself out of my locker, which happened 4 times in the first week. Second – how to enjoy the pool, hot tub, sauna, steam room and shower with only using one towel. It’s a cinch.

To be serious There has been so much I’ve been learning about myself over this 60-day challenge, and over this last year. You see I’m turning 60 this year and was on a path of slowly killing myself with food and sitting around. I was 80lbs overweight, my knees are shot, and one is bone on bone. Probably should get it replaced someday. I had said to myself before I ever get that done, I would get down to my required weight to see if my knees will still be hurting. I’m down 43lbs since I joined Lifetime Fitness in the end of January 2019, my knees are feeling a whole lot better, and so am I!

I can’t tell this story without telling you how I got to this place of 80lbs overweight and not caring for myself. I grew up feeling invisible and in some terrible ways I was treated invisible and that I didn’t matter. I was loved, but not in the way a child or any human being should be loved. From that childhood and up to this day, I have always been in a struggle to know who I am and that I mattered. You could say I had self-love deficit disorder. This journey of self-discovery and taking care of myself has led me to Lifetime Fitness.

The past way of life has led me into a lot of bad relationships and hardships that I have brought upon myself. To ease the pain was many things over the years and has landed on the comfort of food.

I knew I needed to join a gym, and not just any gym, I knew that I couldn’t do this on my own. I needed to join the best gym I could, one that could give me all kinds of fun ways to lose the weight and get a heathy Me!

This is why I joined Lifetime fitness. Lifetime fitness makes me feel like I’m at resort not a gym. There are so may ways to get fit, climb a wall, do a class, shot some hoops, play soccer, there are so many machines, I could probably be on a different machine every day for a year, I can watch the food channel while on the tread mill, how cool is that!, I can get a haircut, a meal, any kind of coaching you need, they got it. It’s just fun. There are endless ways that lifetime fitness can help you and has helped me get to this stage in my healthiness and weight loss. It just isn’t Lifetime Fitness that has helped me, it’s the other member in the in club, especially the ones in the 60-day Challenge with me that have helped me along with encouragement and some tips.

The 60-Day Challenge has been fantastic in so may ways. It reinforces why I joined a gym in the first place, to be part of a community that was caring about themselves to live and have a better life. The 60-Day challenge is a more intimate community inside of a community, which has been nice. The couches have been great, I have learned so much, each week teaching us something different. Because of it, I am so much richer with the tools to life a better heathery life. I haven’t had the funds to get all I could be getting out of the Personal trainers and Nutritional coaches I could be. They have always been there to answer a question and give me direction. I defiantly plan to use them in the future.

I lost 41 lbs., I knocked 6minites off of my 1-mile time, I improved greatly In my number of Push-ups, Squats, Lunges, Plank and sit-ups from the start to the end of the 60 Days. I could only have done this with Lifetime Fitness and their fantastic 60 Day Challenge,

I encourage anyone to join Lifetime fitness and take the 60 Day challenge.  I will be with Lifetime Fitness for the rest of my journey.