Danny P.

Oklahoma City, OK

danny p. spring 2021

Danny’s 60day Coach

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Joseph (Joey) B.

Small Group Training | Personal Trainer

Weight Management
General Health and Wellness
Muscle Building
Strength Training

Danny’s Story

It was an exceptionally cold December morning in 2019 when I walked into Life Time to inquire about membership rates, I was almost 300 pounds at this time, and looking back, that is crazy! I remember being nervous, I was quite a bit overweight and hadn’t been to a gym in several years, on top of that this wasn’t just ANY gym it was Life Time! From an outsider’s perspective, this is the gym to be at and the most elite gym in all of OKC If not the nation.

Within 30 seconds of walking through the double doors and explaining to the front desk associate that I was there to talk about membership, ALL of my anxiety left my body as soon as a bubbly young woman came smiling towards me and introduced herself. I wish I could remember her name, she showed me back to her desk and started to chat me up about my goals, what Life Time is and can be for me, etc. That was the day that I was scheduled to have an onboarding session with Joey B, at the time just another PT but he would be the driving force to get me back on track with my fitness journey.

I never have been able to afford personal training; let’s be real I can barely afford my gym fees haha. I let Joey know that and he taught me about the app, the different free classes, and training programs through Life Time training app that is just a monthly fee. WOW, this place has every single type of person’s needs covered. I was hooked.

I did my first 60day in 2020, I never submitted the pictures or the essay because even though I was gaining confidence by the day, I hadn’t gained quite enough to feel good about posting that and even trying. I attended the first group class that was lead by Mr. John B and that was an experience let me tell you! I haven’t been sore like that since high school basketball camp haha.

May of 2020 I broke my elbow skateboarding or trying to skateboard I should say and sadly I fell out of my gym routine, my eating routine, everything. Once I was out of the gym for about 2 months something inside of me shifted. I started going for walks around the quail springs mall every day, then taking my dog to the field to play and the weight started coming off me once again. I needed to save up a few months before I could afford to start paying my Life Time dues again but when I FINALLY got to return to the gym I had lost about 20 pounds.

My first day back people were so positive to me! I think every single personal trainer that I knew from before I broke my elbow, commented on my weight loss and it made me feel even better than the first time I started losing weight before I broke my elbow. MAN this time is going to be it! I’m going to get ripped and feel great about myself!

The new 60day: I got some training on the app and didn’t look back. I started doing rep schemes that I’ve never tried before and rest times that made me wonder if the 30s was a typo! After 1 single week of doing 15 reps and 30 seconds rest I. FELT. INCREDIBLE. That lead to me wanting to eat healthier and it was all just such a cool snowball effect. I started training with music on which I hadn’t done in years, I would be in the cafe ordering my drink from Yuki almost every day or basically every day that I could afford it. Hitting my protein goals, my rep, and rest time goals, even for a week really motivated me to keep going.

Life Time is like a second home to me, if there was never another 60day I would still be in there almost every day out of the week because it’s become a part of who I am and it’s truly helping me become even better!  I have never felt such a connection and seen so many real people at a gym before, or even non-gym places. I’m already looking forward to going to the pool this summer for the first time since I was 24 years old. The club, the people, the atmosphere are just something I truly think everyone needs to experience. I wish I could just go out and give guest passes to strangers at the mall and bring people in haha.

I’m so thankful for this place and I’m already looking forward to my next challenge, my next adventure, my next step and I know that Life Time will be here to guide and help me reach ANY goal I want to set for myself.