Donna T. 

Fort Worth, TX

donna t. spring 2021

Donna’s Story

Beyond the 60 Days

I can not believe it has been 60 days! Where did the time go? My name is Donna and I am 53 years young!  I am a wife, mother of 3, a grandmother of 2, and an Educator as well.

Now that I’ve reached the end of this 60day challenge, I’ve come to realize this is just the beginning of my successful journey.

Let’s face it, this year has had its challenges and has been one filled with many changes. Though one constant I have had to help me get through it, all is Life Time.

Right before COVID hit this past year I began a daily gym routine that was soon put on pause. Omg, I thought, “I finally began a routine at a gym I like, and now what”? I thought I would sink into a quick depression. As things began to open up I could not wait to head back to Life Time. I quickly began my 5 am gym routine. It started with a couple of classes a week and a few days on the treadmill or stair climber. Then I changed it up a bit and added another class that was way out of my comfort zone. This became and is still my favorite class “High Fitness” with Karen! It is a community like no other, wow! I have gym friends!

Now I had a routine but I was still maintaining my same weight. I was going to the gym daily with no results to show for it. Health and fitness have always been very important to my family and me. However, I just could not figure out why I was not seeing the results that I would have liked.  I was a daily gym person without a plan.  While chatting with a couple of friends they mentioned they had completed a 60day challenge. I could see their results and I wanted to give it a try.

Not only did the 60day challenge help me create new healthy habits I have also been able to challenge myself in ways I would not have thought with the weekly email incentives. I have learned to set goals, stay accountable, plan ahead and squeeze in a massage or two. What can I say, I am getting used to the new normal and it’s not so bad!

With the help of my 60day trainer, I was able to develop a plan where I could finally begin to see the results that I had so desired. You see, I am of a certain age going through menopause and I thought my metabolism was at a standstill. Christa my trainer set me down and explained in detail my plan. I learned to plan my meals and how to eat which would help me meet my goals while incorporating my vegan diet. She showed me how to use the Life Time Training App to help me through the 60day challenge. There it was! I received the tools I needed to begin my successful journey. I was ecstatic when I saw results the first week! Christa’s guidance has been invaluable throughout this process.

Now, I’m not going to lie this, this sounds like it was a breeze, but it has been challenging. I wanted instant results after the first week but I have learned it is a process. Throughout this challenge, I had to navigate a vacation trip, family birthdays, and a college graduation. Thanks to my weekly photos and weigh-ins I was able to stay accountable. My daughter’s college graduation was on the same day that I took my last photos. I teared up as I reflected on that day.  I realized that while we had both reached the successful conclusion of one milestone, this was actually just the beginning of a greater journey. I am so excited to continue this journey beyond the 60 days!