Hope A. 

Pickerington, OH

hope a. spring 2021

Hope’s Trainer

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Personal Trainer | Personal Trainer-Digital

Weight Management
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Hope’s Story

This was my first time participating in the 60day Challenge. I began my fitness journey in October of 2020 after having had worked as an ICU RN during the COVID 19 pandemic. I became increasingly more aware of just how much my own physical and mental health had suffered over time. It became more important to me to improve my own health and physical wellness. I wanted to truly be a better example of health for myself, my family, and the community that I serve. The 60day Challenge was introduced by Paul as an additional motivation to continue to seek progress and results. My goals during the 60day were to commit to following my meal plan strictly and minimize any cheat days, make it into the gym for WRT as often as possible, and to seek the best results that I could get.

During the initial weeks of the 60day Challenge, I was in the process of making a job transition that would completely change my day-to-day schedule.  Paul worked with me and created a new meal plan to accommodate my new schedule. As it was my goal to stay as on track with my meal plan and do not incorporate many cheat days during the 60day challenge, having a meal plan that was specifically made for my schedule and lifestyle was extremely beneficial. Being a newer employee at my company I was faced with the challenge of constantly being asked and invited out to lunch with my coworkers. My commitment to the 60day challenge strengthened my resolve and allowed me to become more creative in the ways that I could form bonds and get to know my coworkers while staying true and dedicated to myself and my personal goals.

The assistance of my trainer/coach Paul R. was invaluable during this process. In addition to providing assistance with nutrition, Paul consistently created workouts that were very challenging but rewarding. The 60day challenge was additional motivation to get in the gym and get after those workouts. I didn’t want to back down for movements or weights that used to scare me. The more I made it through the workouts the more I found myself becoming more excited and looking forward to the next one no matter what the challenge would be. Paul also created a focus and emphasized the importance of adequate sleep and rest. Prior to working with Paul, I had been completely unaware of just how much the lack of adequate sleep was truly affecting my mood and functioning. I often joke with some of my friends that I am receiving “Holistic” personal training because with the help of Paul I have had to address many seemingly unrelated issues that were affecting my fitness. Paul has coached me and helped me with all aspects of health and wellness.

Seeing my name appear on the leader board was very exciting and even more encouraging to continue working hard. Even with holidays and many other family gatherings coming around, I allowed myself to enjoy these times but did not want to lose focus on my goal to do well. During the 60day Challenge, I was able to grow friendships through this common interest and find additional motivation and support.

After finishing the 60day Challenge my commitment to my health and fitness is at an all-time high. I feel that I have proven to myself that I truly have what it takes to continue to be successful in my fitness journey and ultimately reach all the goals I have for myself. My results have been a motivation to many of my family and friends to get out there and get after it!  I even had one of my coworkers come in and excitedly tell me about her new gym membership and her plans for wellness. I felt amazing knowing that what I was doing for myself was an inspiration for her. It has truly been amazing to see what 60 days of focus and dedication can do for my fitness and well-being. Going forward I will continue to apply the same level of focus and dedication to achieving my fitness goals. I would like to continue to be a positive example of health to myself, my family, and my patients.