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Marybeth’s Story

Although before and after pictures are always great evidence of a physical transformation, they simply cannot capture the scope of mental and emotional transformation. After the grueling year that was 2020 and enduring a mentally exhausting pandemic, I was at one of the lowest moments of my life. I was overweight, out of shape, and mentally struggling to find happiness on a daily basis.

When the gyms closed in March 2020 due to statewide mandates, I felt defeated. I had just enrolled in the Spring Spark 60day, was working with personal trainer Andrew McGovern, and was seeing encouraging results. Then, the challenge came to an abrupt end. I knew the decision to close the gym was the right one. Still, I was crestfallen, and in the wake of that decision, I allowed this forced time off from the gym to function as an excuse for why I did not have to stay active. This mentality quickly escalated into self-deception and excuse-making; I was no longer prioritizing my physical or mental health.

During those months off from the gym, I continued to spend more of my days inactive, stationed in front of my computer as my job pivoted to a work-from-home model. This physical inertia created mental and emotional inertia and I started to believe I was stuck.

I was and had been in a bad place physically and mentally. I was unhappy with the way I felt that I started focusing on the way I looked. This created a self-deprecating cycle that I used as an excuse to isolate myself further. This cycle only reinforced more bad behaviors. I told myself that since I wasn’t going to see anyone, I could have more unhealthy food and skip my workouts. The additional weight I gained led to even lower energy levels, which ultimately led to feeling even more unhappy. It was a vicious cycle I knew I needed to break.

The Spring 2021 60day email that I received from Life Time was exactly what I needed. I used that same ultra-influential self-talk to convince myself that this was the fresh start I needed to get back into the gym and take control of my health. Andrew and I reconnected and I told him I was ready to commit to the program and regain my health, happiness, and life. This was not an easy task, as I had to face my fears and the reality that I needed to make serious life changes. Andrew took the time to listen to my struggles and understand the setbacks I faced in 2020. Eyes wide open, he helped me develop a plan to bring my wants, needs, and goals to fruition.

My favorite part of having a coach like Andrew was the personalization he put into every single experience together. It was obvious he cared about whether I was living a well-rounded life; he emphasized the importance of positive self-talk, breath work, sleep, proper nutrition, supplementation, and so much more. He spent time telling me about self-fulfilling prophecies and how we can think, speak, and ultimately action those things into existence. He taught me that having a solution-based mindset was crucial for achieving the life I wanted to experience. I have carried over this knowledge into my personal and professional life, and his words and lessons will forever stay with me.

I have realized that my body recomposition from 163lbs, 32% body fat to 134lbs, and 15% body fat is a mere bonus. The real victory has been the lessons I’ve learned and the newfound perspective I’ve gained for how I want to navigate life. I no longer look for instant gratification nor quick fixes. I now think about my future self and how the decisions I make today will affect me in 1, 5, 10, and even 20 years. Mentally, I am in the happiest place I have ever been. I have been able to stop all my prescribed medications, including my antidepressants and migraine medications.

Through the 60day experience, I have learned so much about myself. I have learned how impactful it can be to live each day with Grit, Willpower, Mindfulness, Gratitude, and what resonated most deeply with me was adopting a Growth Mindset. I have learned how to make myself a priority, especially on the days I don’t want to. Looking back, my “bad” days were actually the “best” days. It is during those times I truly experienced growth in the aforementioned aspects of my life. This is where the deep, life-long change truly happened!

Somewhere along the way, I stopped making excuses and started feeling and acting empowered. I discovered the word “can’t” should no longer be part of my vocabulary. I realized that doing anything I set my mind to is simply a matter of choice, and I alone hold the power to make that choice. In the past 60 days, I have crushed the physical goals I set for myself, as I now weigh less than I ever did in high school and am wearing clothes I never thought I could before. More importantly, I have proven to myself that I am physically and mentally strong, showing up day after day and pushing myself beyond what I thought were my furthest limits. I am more empowered than ever to live a life of health and happiness.