Brooke S.

Folsom, CA

brooke s. spring 2022 finalist

Brooke’s Trainer


Joshua F.

Nutrition Coach | Small Group Training Coach | Personal Trainer

Weight Management
Olympic Lifting

Brooke’s Story

The feeling of transformation for me took time, dedication, routine, and support. A lot of support. I am not naturally a person of routine. I’m a mom of two toddlers. They are 19 months apart and for the first 2 years, I fell victim to our “to do” list. I did not put my health first, sad to say it wasn’t even on my radar. I was in survival mode. I found myself hovering around 250 lbs with 42+% body fat. I was stressed. Tired. and Irritable. Motherhood was a lifelong dream of mine and yet here I was in the thick of it and I could barely get through the day, let alone enjoy and participate in the wonderful busyness. It was in May 2020 that I decided I wanted to change the way I felt and the way I looked. It started with a walk around the neighborhood and little by little I found myself capable of more and more. Soon we decided to join Life Time in Folsom and my life hasn’t been the same since.

This is my 4th 60 day in a row. My whole family has watched as I have rededicated time and attention to my health and it has inspired them to join me. My brother saw my success from the last 60day challenge and made the choice to join Life Time and started his own routine with Coach Flynn. My husband has been a huge supporter of my journey but this time he also signed up for the 60day challenge. Doing this together helped tremendously and made this 60day different! This time it’s sticking, no more losing and gaining the same 10lbs. Now that the whole family is on board and it has all made sense. My husband had great success and made the process so much fun for me. Having him by my side made the journey easier on our relationship; it wasn’t him helping me to stay on track, avoid temptation, etc…it was him and I both choosing together to eat, live and be healthier. I am most proud of how we changed our relationship with alcohol. We eliminated the nightly glass(es) of vino and replaced it with hot teas that we find are far more calming. We have incorporated daily protein shakes, and during the Life Time D.TOX identified foods that caused our body stress and inflammation. We have eliminated dairy and thanks to Coach Anika found a variety of ways to make our Vegan All-in-One Protein Powder taste new and exciting each day.

I started the challenge by doing the D.TOX to eliminate inflammation and cleanse my system. I found that by the end of the detox my taste buds were refreshed; I didn’t crave sugary drinks, I knew I could say no, and I felt so empowered by that process. I learned the more often I said no to temptation it made the decision to make a healthier choice become EASIER & EASIER!

My relationship with food has changed completely; thanks in large part to the weekly one-on-one nutrition coaching with Flynn and the weekly meal suggestions and recipes from the 60day. I now plan to fuel my body. One of Flynn’s suggestions was to not only meal prep, but equally important to meal plan! I was tasked with writing down what I was going to eat and when I was going to eat. This takes the guesswork out of the equation and set me up for success. Knowing that each week during our nutrition one-on-one we will go over my food choices, reassess my goals and see what is working for me helps to keep me motivated throughout the week and give me daily accountability.

Coach Flynn is my secret weapon. He has been such a champion for me throughout this journey. He plants the seed and empowers you to accomplish it. He is most proud to see the happiness and energy that has overcome me. Proud to watch as my endurance and strength make drastic strides. He has been a true teammate through this process and I know he is focused on my lifelong health and the health of my family.

For the first time during this 60day I looked in the mirror and I felt proud. I finally saw the results of my hard work has been paying off.  Although the 60 days have come to an end, my journey is still going. My goals are ever-changing and I am focused. The biggest change was in my mindset. My motivation is anchored in learning what I can accomplish with my body. What habits I can create! Competition aside; what I learned is that I AM CAPABLE!

Over the last 60 days my body has changed drastically.  My body fat has dropped & wow can you see it!! My clothes either don’t fit or fit completely differently. I lost nearly 15lbs and gained muscle. I have reset my metabolism & identified the foods that inflame my system. I have made changes to my lifestyle that have impacted the life of myself, my husband and my brother. Over time the work I put in here will reflect in the choices and habits my children create. Life is more enjoyable, healthier and I feel so FREE. With my family on board, these changes in our routine and our life are a part of our family. Lifetime has given us a place to gather as a family, a place to grow stronger and a place to learn more about ourselves. I am so grateful we jumped in head first. I am grateful I got the opportunity to reset my health. Thank you.