Hayden S.

Pickerington, OH

hayden s. spring 2022 finalist

Hayden’s Trainer

andrew m. pickerington oh

Andrew M.

Personal Training Manager | Personal Trainer

General Health and Wellness
Performance Enhancement
Muscle Building
Strength Training

Hayden’s Story

My name is Hayden Stevens. I’m an 18 year old student at Pickerington High School North in Pickerington, Ohio. This is my second go-around doing the 60day Challenge. In these past 60 days, I have reached goals that I did not ever see myself doing. I had many obstacles on this fitness journey including eating healthier, a relationship breakup, depression, as well as the motivation to achieve my goal. I was going to the club very inconsistently before the challenge. It wasn’t until my trainer, Andrew, asked me to join the challenge as he saw potential in me that made my attitude and motivation change for the better.

Like many others, I had gained weight during Covid and became emotionally depressed over the last year. I would sit at home and play video games while eating junk food for hours on end. I had terrible grades and didn’t care about anything. This brings up my first obstacle in the challenge…food. During these 60 days, I had to completely relearn about nutrition. All of the false information that I thought was good from the internet was all wrong. My diet was not good at all as I was just trying to get as big as possible, so I ate everything in sight. In my head, I was telling myself I needed to eat more to get bigger. Andrew, my coach, showed me the right way to cut fat and put on muscle. I also completely had to change my relationship with food. Food didn’t control me, but I controlled it. I now have a much better discipline on my nutrition. My lifestyle has drastically made a change for the better. I went from eating processed foods and junk food to healthy, organic food. I now pay attention to what I put into my body and how I fuel it during the day for my exercise.

At the beginning of the challenge, things were going good but then I broke up with my girlfriend after dating her for 3 years. I was very sad as I lost my best friend. I was prescribed an antidepressant but I felt it only made things worse. I stopped taking them and started to meditate and focus on my mindset. I told myself that I could do whatever I wanted to and that my goal was to be happy and get shredded for this challenge. Through the club I found it to be my outlet. It’s what I look forward to every single day. I met a lot of new people and friends that always made my day. I also had a great training partner Bryan. We both pushed each other every workout and held each other accountable. We both had an awesome trainer, Andrew, who taught us the right way to work out. I really grew a mind-muscle connection with Andrew. I also really enjoyed the workouts that he could send me through the lifetime training app. When I was out of town I still knew what to do. He also showed me the way to lift heavy. I have seen so much progress in the club. From only being able to squat under 300 once I now can squat 315 for reps. I also have improved my deadlifts tremendously. I used to always get back pain from improper form. But now it’s better than ever.

What I will take away from this challenge is a healthy day to day life routine. I’ve learned so much about health, nutrition, and exercise during this journey. Before this challenge, I didn’t pay attention to what I put in my body. I have found so many healthy foods that I never thought I would be eating. Throughout this challenge, I have not only found my passion for exercise but a healthier lifestyle altogether. I know I will continue to work out consistently in the future as I have found it to not only be beneficial to me physically but also mentally. Going to the club is something I look forward to now. Not only has my depression lessened with this newfound passion for working out, but I’ve also made some great new friends at the club.

I want to thank my coach, Andrew, and all the other coaches that helped train with me. I would also like to thank the staff of Pickerington Life Time. They are always kind and welcoming and work hard to keep the facility clean and well kept.