Jarron L.

Centreville, VA

jarron l spring 2022 finalist

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Pioudan T.

Personal Training Manager | Personal Trainer

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Jarron’s Story

I hit this 60day full steam ahead. Having the challenge at the start of the year made it an easy challenge to get ready for, as there were already “new year” changes I was looking to make. I had my goals for this 60 day broken up into two tiers. Some I knew I could accomplish with simple discipline and others would require a lot of hard work and dedication. My easier goals were to log everything that I ate and drank for the entire challenge, to continue working out at least 5 days a week, and to take more time for recovery by incorporating the steam room and sauna at least 3 times a week. I was able to complete all of those pretty easily by just prioritizing the right things throughout the day.

Properly tracking and logging my food using food scales and fitness apps helped a ton. I had done 60day Challenges in the past and felt like I was always hungry and ended up binging in the end, ruining my progress. By taking the time to meticulously track everything, I was able to eat more food than ever and properly fuel my workouts.  I really was able to master eating everything in moderation so that I didn’t have to cut anything out. I made smart substitutions to my favorite foods to increase the amounts of protein or lower the calories in certain areas so I could still enjoy what I wanted.

My harder goals were to drop 30 pounds and get to 15 percent body fat. I worked really closely with Solo, who teaches the Alpha class I take 5 days a week and he was super helpful in setting me smaller, weekly goals to strive for every time I came into the club. A few of the weeks the scale wasn’t moving as much as I wanted, or my body fat didn’t go down, but Solo and the other people who take Alpha were always super supportive and helpful in keeping me looking forward and focusing on things I could change. Even the simple posters and daily tips on the bulletin boards that the club had posted coming up the stairs always kept me in the right, positive mindset as the challenge went by.

Obviously, I’m super happy with as much progress I was able to make in such a short amount of time. My immediate goal is to be able to maintain these changes over the coming weeks. With summer coming right around the corner there are a few more changes I’d love to see to really be ready for the beach and vacations! I plan on continuing with the workouts in Alpha, working on putting more muscle onto my body, and keeping up with the tracking of protein and calories entering my body. My ultimate goal when I first joined Life Time was to get down to 225 pounds. and to be less than 10 pounds away from that thanks to the 60day is really just mind-blowing.