Jay G.

South Jordan, UT

jay g. spring 2022 finalist

Jay’s Trainer


Jeremy R.

Personal Trainer

Post Injury/Corrective Exercise
General Health and Wellness
Muscle Building
Strength Training

Jay’s Story

The goals I set for myself before starting on this 60day Challenge were pretty simple. All I wanted was to drop some weight, add lean muscle mass, and be able to fit into clothing that I couldn’t fit into or was getting tight. It is amazing how quickly life can change in 60 days and how my original goals had to be continually modified to meet what life was delivering.

My trainer, Jeremy R, and I sat down to discuss how I could meet my original goals. Jeremy has been an absolute pillar I can trust and rely on. Like most, I set forth an overly aggressive plan that was not only unsustainable but would most likely lead to injury. Jeremy showed me what I needed to do in the club and what I could do at home to help alleviate the sugar cravings in the evening.

Being 53 years old can be a challenge, in and of itself. But trying to improve myself, by myself, is not a recipe for success. Jeremy put together a great 60day plan for me to follow. His plan was to help me achieve my goals and be able to continue working on them after this 60day Challenge ends. Jeremy became my accountability partner, checking in to see how I was doing, were the workouts meeting my needs, and most importantly someone who was willing to listen when things weren’t going well.

A few weeks after the start of this challenge, my doctor told me I had a recurrence of my cancer. Fortunately, it wasn’t life-threatening, and was dealt with quickly. Cancer will definitely change your views of life in a hurry. Jeremy was able to adjust and adapt my workouts so I could continue toward the finish line. He also gave me a shoulder to share how I felt about the situation. Being able to go to Life Time and put in physical work to alleviate my stress levels was a much needed respite. I spent many days using the hot tub, sauna, and steam room just to relax. I appreciated having all of them so close and available to use.

Family will always be on the forefront of my mind, both good and bad. My wife took to the 60day Challenge cookbook and implemented the recipes into our daily meals. We found those that we liked (oven-baked fajita), and shared those with others. We appreciated the large selection, the meal segmentation, and the macro counts for each. This really helped me to stay within my macro range and still feel like I was eating good food. To me, the recipe book is not just for a short-term diet but is easily implemented into a healthy lifestyle.

Life Time helped me to cope with a bad family situation. In the past, I would have resorted to drinking, eating processed foods, sitting around and moping about the situation, generally, I would have let myself go. Having Life Time close by gave me healthier ways to deal with my elevated stress levels. It is always comforting to know, whenever I go to Life Time there would be something available for me to use, may it be a treadmill, bike, stair climber, elliptical, etc. I could go, burn off the emotions I was feeling, then take a shower and go home. I replaced my negative behaviors with positive ones because Lifetime was available, with available equipment, whenever I was in need.

Finally, my last challenge occurred a few days ago. I enjoy skiing in the mountains where I live. I was involved in a ski accident that has left me hobbled, bruised, and sore. The good news is I wasn’t seriously injured. The bad news is my photos will show my lumps, bumps, and bruises. Again, there was Jeremy, available to listen, as to what I could do and then modify my workouts so that I could finish my 60day Challenge.

I am feeling good about where I have finished. I may, or may not, have met the goal for weight loss, but I am fitting into clothes I haven’t worn for a long time. The collars of my shirts no longer strangle me, in fact, they are a bit loose. I consider this to be the real victory, not whatever the numbers on the scale say.

Due to my increased fitness level, I have planned a three-day, two-night, backpacking trip through Southern Utah. This is not something I thought my body could take, prior to undertaking this challenge. Now, I have the confidence and the stamina to complete this endeavor.

I have also been invited to take part in several summer backpacking trips. I am excited to know I can work towards a goal and be able to meet those goals. I haven’t participated in the spin classes offered yet, but I soon will be in a class. I am excited to have these opportunities, due to my fitness level, that I would not have felt comfortable before.

My eighty-year-old mother noticed a change in my attitude and behavior and was telling me how much she had noticed. I shared with her what I was doing to cope with the stressors life was throwing at me. She was pleased with my choices and asked if I thought she could benefit from exercising as well. I told her if her doctor said it would be ok, then yes, I thought it would help her. She, too, joined Life Time and now participates in Aqua Zumba.