Shannon C.

Pickerington, OH

shannon c. spring 2022 finalist

Shannon’s Trainer

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Sophie M.

Personal Trainer

General Health and Wellness
Strength Training
Performance Enhancement

Shannon’s Story

“If you can dream it, you can do it.” I never dreamed I could be at this point in my life. I have made progress in a way that so many times before I had tried, yet couldn’t ever seem to do.

Nine months ago, after getting married, I received my photos back from the photographer. They were beautiful photos and it will always be the happiest day of my life, but looking at them was hard because I was so disappointed in how I looked. I had tried to lose weight before the wedding through nutrition and 1:1 coaching with Sophie and Gage at Life Time Pickerington in 2020/2021 like many brides do. I lost some but not enough to change my body the way I wanted.

After the wedding, I took a break from everything to try and get back to “normal.” I wasn’t going to the gym and I didn’t care about what I ate. All the effort I had put in before the wedding went to waste because I was right back to where I started. I was sluggish and tired, I had constant back pain, and was losing focus on what I wanted my life to look like. I did manage to get back into the gym, but I was inconsistent and I wasn’t watching what I ate. Then in December, the new 60day Challenge was announced.

I was hesitant to get into the program at first, but I knew I needed to make lasting changes for my health. I connected with Sophie again and that became such an asset. She helped me keep focus on what my big goals were like a healthy body composition. She brought awareness not only to my weight but my muscle mass, body fat percentage and inflammation levels.  She worked with me on being mindful with my workouts and my body’s needs which has spilled over into other parts of my life. We began discussing nutrition and supplementation and realizing so many bad habits I had with choosing convenience over substance. Because of the hours, I invested in 1:1 coaching with Sophie during this 60day about everything from nutrition, to strength training; conditioning to heated yoga with Peggy at Life Time, she showed me a well-rounded approach to weight loss and overall health.

During 60day, I became familiar with every inch of Life Time Pickerington. I attended Sophie’s women’s small group twice a week, 1:1 strength training once a week, I complete metabolic conditioning and utilize the Life Time app where Sophie programs my workouts multiple times a week. I understand the importance of utilizing all my resources from the gym and the people inside it. From the sauna, to the equipment, to the many classes offered to me. I have met and connected with so many people along this journey that have grown alongside me and pushed me to continue this challenge all the way through.

This is the second 60day Challenge I have been a part of and this time around, I can say I left nothing to chance. Through mindfulness around nutrition and moving my body in a way that makes me feel strong and confident, the willpower to complete hard things even when they seem impossible, and the opportunity to always come back and take another chance to bet on myself for my future and my health; I am full of an immense amount of gratitude.

Now, I have so much more energy, I’m active every day, I’m making better food choices for myself, I’ve increased my endurance and strength. This is more than I could have ever dreamed of being able to accomplish in 60 days. In addition to feeling better, I look better. So much of my wardrobe had to be donated because the clothes fall off of me. I’m thrilled with where I am now, but I’m even more excited for where these new habits are going to take me.

At the start of 60day I weighed 191.9lbs and was 40.6% body fat. Today I weigh 162.9lbs and am 35% body fat. That means in 60 days I dropped exactly 29 pounds and lost almost 6% body fat (11.5lbs).

This isn’t where my journey ends, but where it begins as the healthiest and happiest version of me I’ve ever known. I can’t wait to continue to work towards a lower body fat percentage, higher muscle mass, and so many new adventures that my strong body will allow me to experience.