Finalists / Elliott R

Elliott R.

74.15% change in body fat percent*

*Results not typical

Elliott R Front

This is my second time competing in the Life Time 60 Day Challenge. After the completion of my first challenge, not only did I have great results, but I also had a life changing experience. The knowledge and experience I gained from my trainers/metabolic coaches/nutritionist was something that would last me a lifetime and always allow me to maintain or achieve my health goals at any time and any place. I found out much sooner than expected that I would need to reuse those skills and knowledge shared with me from my first challenge. Unforeseen and unfortunate injuries and health issues plagued me months after completing the first challenge, which led to a slow decline away from my health and fitness goals.

After healing up and regaining the ability to focus on training and nutrition again, the Summer 60 Day Challenge seemed like the perfect way to push myself and hit my goals again. Thanks to my prior experience with Life Time training personnel, I knew exactly what I needed to do to get there. I used the information I learned from my first 60 Day Challenge as a foundation to build off of. Then I worked with Kevin Fox, an LT Laguna Niguel trainer, to further detail my training and fitness plan. Kevin was able to create a detailed plan that was catered specifically for me, my current body type, and most importantly for my injury history.

With the help of Kevin I was able to reach my fitness and health goals, while avoiding further injury, and achieved a nearly 75% change in body fat percentage in 60 days. There is no better feeling than being living proof that I have the necessary knowledge and skills to control my health. No matter what happens, injuries, health, travel, you name it… I can always use the tools I learned from Life Time and reach my fitness goals again.

Maintaining my goals over my lifetime seems less daunting now. I’ve already experienced some of the unexpected barriers and setbacks that come with living a healthy life style. Thanks to the staff at Life Time Laguna Niguel, I am confident that I have the tools to not only maintain my current healthy lifestyle, but also the tools to reach my goals regardless of what situations I may encounter.

I can’t thank Life Time Fitness enough. They have altered my life and health indefinitely. The 60 Day Challenge is the greatest and most empowering class and educational experience I’ve ever been a part of. I hope others will view the success I attained as motivation to push them to make the same long-term positive changes in their life as well.